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Why are the games hanging?



A long-cherished toy is loaded onto the hard drive and ... The nimble soldier does not want to run after the enemy, shoot at enemies and hide in cover. It depicts paralysis on the dance floor.

That slows down, then runs, it just "hangs" for an indefinite time. A familiar picture?

And how often did you delete the game after that, completely disappointed in it?

And in vain!

When you are slowed down by a computer - this is not a reasonAs soon as possible get rid of the toy and look for a simple tetris to take a free evening. There are several ways to determine the cause of such "brakes" and if possible make the PC more bright.

When does the toy not fly?

• The first and most obvious thing you have to doBefore installing a new game - see its system requirements and compare them with the "Properties" of your PC's hardware. If everything is in order - you can set. If not, and you really want to play - it's time to think about upgrading or buying a more powerful machine.

As practice shows, the hang of games has simple reasons and it's easier to install them if you have the right instruction at hand.

• It happens that the power of "iron" is enough, the gameAll settings are satisfied and still slows down. Look at the free space on that section of the hard drive where the toy was installed. If you score more than 80% - clean and defragment.
•; Did not the previous step help? Then it's time to check the entire computer up to the last byte with a good anti-virus. Viruses, adware, invisible add-ons, plug-ins, modules and other software can greatly interfere with the enjoyment of the game. Like the Temp folder in "My Documents" or the "Windows" folder. They, too, do not hurt to clean.
• It often happens that the game starts to slow downNot immediately, but after some time. In this case, boldly dismantle the system unit and check whether all fans spin, as they should. Usually, there is no sign of life on the cooler of the video card itself. Change or clean from dust. The latter must be done in any case, since the autopsy was done.
•; RAM - the weak point of the operating roomSystem. It can be clogged "under the eyeballs" with auxiliary programs, utilities, incomprehensible resources. Disable all that you obviously do not need. Often, this method helps to revive even the most hopeless option.
• On some laptops with discreteVideo cards have a common bug. The game can hang for no apparent reason, although the characteristics of the machine is twice, or even three times higher than the software requests. It sometimes helps to flashing the BIOS. The case is subtle, requiring attention. If they themselves are not sure, it is better to entrust the matter to the master.
• When everything is already done, and the "brakes"There are, try to take drastic measures - to create a RAID array of hard drives. Two hard disks are installed in parallel and work simultaneously. This greatly increases productivity.

Dances with tambourines and result

All that you have read here, it is useful to you yet in one such case. Games are released constantly, you want to play very much, and the means to purchase a new "iron" can not always be found.

When the system hangs, every first user resembles a shaman who is waving around a PC with a tambourine.

In many cases this is not required. A little "witchcraft" with programs or a little "autopsy", and you will get hours and even days of pleasure to run around in strange planets, dive to the ocean floor, explore whole worlds or play solitaire. The case is yours!

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