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Why handy sawdust?

What useful sawdust?

It may seem that the dust - it's just garbage.

However, they can be used in the home, garden, creativity, and even health!


  • Add sawdust in compost heaps, prisypaya their urea, lime and dolomite flour in order to accelerate the decomposition of plant residues.
  • Mulch sawdust soil around the plant to protect it from drying out, and from the weeds.
  • Mixed with sawdust fresh horse manure is considered the best biological fuel for greenhouses.

Garden and flower bed

  • Make filings under the raspberries, and they will protect the plants from bugs and slugs, as if to pour sawdust in the aisles of strawberries, the berries are not to soil the ground.
  • Sawdust - a versatile material for thermal insulation of flowers and shrubs for the winter.
  • Dyed sawdust are used in landscape design for uploading pictures to the ground around trees, shrubs and flower beds.
  • Keep sawdust winter bulbs and roots of colors.
  • In the spring germinated in sawdust potatoes grow onions on the pen.
  • Mixed with sawdust before sowing the seeds are small, so you do not have to thin out the seedlings.


  • For a country house insulation using a mixture of sawdust and lime glass chips.
  • From a mixture of cement, sand, lime and sawdust (1: 1: 1: 4) you will get a lightweight, durable bricks with high sound and thermal insulation properties.
  • Sawdust, cement, clay and old newspapers can be prepared composition for plastering premises.


  • To remove lasy with upholstery, scatter it on wet sawdust. After half an hour they clean off with a brush.
  • Greasy stains on fabric displays sawdust soaked with gasoline. But first try out the product to a small area of ​​tissue as well as gasoline can discolor it.
  • Sprinkle wet sawdust on the floor to remove the smell of burning in the kitchen. The wood absorbs it into itself.


  • Sawdust is suitable as bedding for the pigs, goats, chickens, sheep.
  • Alder sawdust - the perfect fuel for hot smoking.
  • Sprinkle icing on the porch with sawdust, mixed in half with ash, and will not be slippery.

House plants

  • If the flowers are suffering from dryness of the air, put them on a tray and sprinkle between the pots of wet sawdust.
  • In wet sawdust perfectly rooted cuttings.

beauty and health

  • To dull hair was lush and shiny, after washing rinse them with cold infusion of green tea and fresh sawdust (1 ch. L. To 1 liter of boiling water).
  • To return, take the skin elasticity, drybath from small pine or fir sawdust. Heat them in a metal bowl, stirring to 60 degrees. Then pour half of it on the oilcloth. Lie down on a layer of sawdust and sprinkle the other half of myself. Soak as 20 minutes.
  • If joints ached, pour boiling water pine sawdust, press them, wrap it in a cloth and apply to the affected area. The pain soon subsides.

Pet Care

  • Use sawdust hardwood trees as cat litter.
  • Pour sawdust on the bottom of rodent cells, birds, reptiles as natural litter.
  • If the pet went on the carpet, clean it in the usual way, and then sprinkle with wet sawdust, sprinkled them with ammonia. Collect litter vacuum, and the smell will not.


  • From sawdust make papier-mache by mixing them with white glue, wallpaper paste, flour, salt and water.
  • Painted sawdust is used to create a mural.
  • Painted in white or silver color chips serve as the snow in the floral and ornamental compositions.

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