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Why do goths dressed in black

Gothic subculture characterized by a large number of streams, but all members of a particular image, and combines the interest in Gothic music.

Culture is ready

Appearance is ready for a kindfetish and a way to identify with like-minded people. Every detail of their wardrobe has a certain meaning and philosophy. In fact, the gothic subculture is individual and has no clear boundaries of self-expression, but because the Gothic style is divided into several areas.
For example, there are "antique" Goths,who in their image prefer the style of certain historical periods. This style does not require the use of black clothing. The so-called servants of corporations are strict office suits and almost do not stand out among ordinary people. Androgynous goth rip sexual boundaries dressing so that it was impossible to understand what sex they are. A separate part of the community is ready vampire tends to aesthetics. They often build up or implanted itself long fangs, sometimes use dentures with fangs in clothes prefer a romantic style, like "antiques".

Exterior ready

The fact that all Goths wear only black clothes,It is a stereotype. Goths - not so conservative in their appearance, they do not have a clear dress code. Clothing primarily intended to express their uniqueness, so the majority of the black-clad men made it to classify themselves to the culture.
However, the vast majority of people,ranking to this area, still wearing black. This is because the people have chosen their gothic subculture, are there because of a specific worldview. Their spiritual organization is somewhat different from the usual - is exposed to the external environment, which is not always favorable. Gothic subculture introverted, ie It is focused on the inner world, and focuses on the passive acceptance of the world.
People are accustomed to divide the good and the bad onlight and dark colors. A negative emotions, depression, loss of loved ones, problems with self-identification with other people, and other gloomy manifestations, on a subconscious level is associated with a dark color. Thus, people who consider themselves to gothic culture, manifested the desire to express the inner state through the appearance that is dominated by black.
It is important to remember that the Gothic - a style of self-expression, and did not have clear criteria and worldview.

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