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WHY Goths dress in black


Why Goths dress in black</a>

Gothic subculture is distinguished by a large number of currents, but all representatives are united by a specific image and interest in Gothic music.

Culture is ready

Appearance for the ready is a kind ofFetish and the way of identification with like-minded people. Each detail of their wardrobe carries a certain meaning and philosophy. In reality, the Gothic subculture is individual and does not have clear boundaries of self-expression, and therefore the Gothic style is divided into several directions.
So, for example, there are "antique" Goths,Which in their image give preference to the style of certain historical eras. This style does not oblige to use black in clothes. The so-called slaves of corporations have strict office suits and hardly stand out among ordinary people. Androgynous Goths tear the sexual boundaries, dressing so that it is impossible to understand what they are sex. A separate part of the community is ready to gravitate toward vampire aesthetics. They often build up or implant long fangs themselves, sometimes use dentures with canines, in clothing prefer a romantic style, similar to "antique".

Appearance is ready

The fact that all Goths wear only black clothes,Is a stereotype. Goths are not so conservative to their appearance, they do not have a clear dress code. Clothing, first of all, is designed to express their uniqueness, so most of the black-clad people did this in order to rank themselves in culture.
However, the vast majority of people,Who consider themselves to be in this direction, still wear black. This is because people who have chosen Gothic for their subculture find themselves in it because of a specific worldview. Their psychic organization is somewhat different from the usual - is influenced by the environment, which is not always successful. Gothic subculture introverted, i.e. Is focused on the inner world of man, and emphasizes passive rejection of the world around him.
People are more used to sharing good and bad things withLight and dark colors. And negative experiences, depression, loss of close people, problems with self-identification with surrounding people and other gloomy manifestations, on a subconscious level are associated with a dark color. Thus, people who consider themselves to be a Gothic culture have a desire to express their inner state through a look in which black predominates.
It is important to remember that Gothic is a style of self-expression, and yet it does not have clear criteria and worldview attitudes.

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