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WHY funeral bring an even number of flowers

Why the funeral bring an even number of flowers

By tradition, the French and the Slavs, an even number of flowers bring a funeral, but a living person is accepted to give flowers in odd number.

However, in almost all of Europe, as well as in the US and some Eastern countries - all exactly the opposite.

Alive give an even number of flowers, as it brings good luck and happiness.

The customs of the peoples of the world

Israel offered only an even number of flowers, andat the funeral flowers do not bring. Georgia is considered to be: all that is associated with family values, brings only happiness. Therefore, the Georgians living people give two flowers (like a married couple), but in the cemetery they are an odd number of flowers that the deceased could not take with him his mate. The Japanese, in turn, find the numbers 1, 3 and 5 of the masculine (yang), and the numbers 2,4 and 6 female (yin). At the same time in their culture the number 4 means peace or death, so an even number of flowers, they never give living people. The Italians bring to the funeral only an odd number of flowers.

The roots of traditions

Getting all such prejudices and traditionsIt was started in the ancient world. Each country has passed a long way of development and, therefore, in many nations are completely different views on the membership numbers to any customs or rules.
The pagans are always treated as the even numberssymbols of evil or death. To mind immediately comes the old saying "the trouble does not come alone." Many ancient cultures associated with the completion of the number of pairs, the completeness of the life cycle, so always portrayed the deceased gifts in an even number. Odd same number of ancient people believed the contrary, a symbol of luck, happiness and success. According to them, the odd numbers appear in the instability, movement, life and development, and even have always been symbols of peace and tranquility.
The ancient Pythagoreans considered the odd numbersymbols of light, goodness and life. For them, odd numbers symbolize the right side, or the side of luck. And here's the even numbers on the other hand, symbolized the left side - the side of darkness, evil and death. Perhaps because of these beliefs and appeared well-known sign "stand with the left foot", then start the day failed.

Signs of ancient Slavs

The inhabitants of ancient Russia, during the rudimentsChristian faith is always associated with a pair of complete lifecycle management, and the dead always presents a number of fresh flowers. Thus, the victims of the war, the soldiers who defended their homeland, gave two flower funeral and said "one flower to the deceased, the second god." With the advent of a full-fledged Christian, which also means the right side of the side of life, light, and faith, and the left side is a symbol of darkness and godlessness, Slavs began to link the pair numbers on the left side and odd numbers - on the right. From these principles, and I went to present the custom of the deceased only even number of flowers, while the funeral of an even number of flowers offered up to 10 stems. If there is more in a bouquet of 12 flowers, then it has no meaning. But still, in spite of this desperate love and men give to women is not 100, and 99 roses.

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