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Why France is called the Fifth Republic?

Why is France called the Fifth Republic?

In the modern media often referred to as France's FifthRepublic, and it is somewhat poetic name creates a lot of questions why it is assigned a serial number that why France, where is the previous Republic - First, Second, Third and Fourth.

France to the Republic

After the 10th century in France, was electedthe first king of the kind of Capet, the country remained a monarchy until the end of the 18th century. In 1328, on the throne of the Valois dynasty reigned, and in 1589 it was replaced by a younger branch of the Capetians - Bourbons.

For centuries, the country formedrather complicated relations between the classes. By the mid-18th century it became clear that the monarchy discredited itself in many aspects, the nobility ruined or mired in an idle life, the bourgeoisie demanded new privileges, and peasants eked out a miserable existence.

The increasing differentiation between the classes andgradual lag of France from its neighbors has led to increased social tensions and resulted in the French Revolution, which is considered to be the beginning of the taking of the Bastille July 14, 1789.

Of the first to fourth

Later in the history of France began a period of Republics,each has a serial number corresponding to the Constitution of the State. The First Republic was established September 21, 1792 on the day of the overthrow of King Louis XVI. It lasted until 1804, when Napoleon proclaimed himself emperor.

Since the different political forces have seenFrance's development in its own way, has come a protracted period of change of power, which lasted about one and a half centuries. From 1804 to 1815, France remained the empire, after the deposition of Napoleon was enthroned the heir of the Bourbon Louis XVIII dynasty.

In July 1830 there was a revolution again, andKing abdicated. Second Republic lasted from 1848 to 1852, but the constitution in this period was flawed because it does not help to solve disputes between the President and the National Assembly. In 1852, France again became a constitutional monarchy headed by Louis Napoleon Bonaparte, this period of history called the Second French Empire.

Louis Napoleon Bonaparte was the nephew of the famous Emperor of France.

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Further, the course of events affected strengthen Germanythe new emperor was deposed, and the period from 1870 to 1914 in France, called the Third Republic. During this time there was an event that affected the course of the entire history - signed an alliance with Great Britain, formed the Entente.

Significant impact on the history of France had a military and political situation on its territories outside Europe, particularly in Algeria.

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After World War II, due to changes in the balance of power in the world and a new crisis of power in the country has changed the French constitution, and began a period of the Fourth French Republic.

Fifth Republic

The events, cause for revisionoperating system, became incessant political crises and exacerbate the situation in Algeria, when the military came out of obedience to the government. Once in 1958, France adopted a new constitution, the country became unofficially called the Fifth Republic on the revision number of the main legal instrument of the state.

This period of history stretches to the present day, and isthere is no reason to believe that the numeral "fifth", so beloved by journalists and commentators, will soon change to "sixth". The main differences between the new edition of the Constitution of the preceding is to expand the powers of the president, before he had the right to dissolve parliament. However, his term for the top post of the country has been reduced from seven to five years.

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