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WHY flown into a bird house is considered a bad omen

Why the bird has flown into the house is considered a bad omen

People by nature - being superstitious. The desire to make out in some events or actions secret meaning was inherent to mankind since time immemorial.

Fears, fantasies and beliefs give rise to rumors of which appear to believe.

One of these beliefs is the bird that has flown into the house.

The value of the signs

People are friendly feathered on the street, butturn to panic as soon as they strive to get into the house. Some residents even chase away the birds, sitting them on the windowsill. Why? It just so happened that the bird has flown into the house, it is considered bad news messenger or a harbinger of someone's death.

In ancient times believed that the swallow has flown into the house bears the offspring, it was assumed that the owner will soon be sure to get pregnant.

In particular according to the signs fall into disfavorPigeons and sparrows. It is said that the pigeons bring into the house of death, and so do the sparrows are a symbol of the curse. Where does matter is superstition, and so is this really the case?

History marks

Even in ancient times souls of the deadrepresented in the image of birds flying up to the sky. Therefore, birds flew into the house, sometimes associated in humans with the souls of their deceased relatives or friends. It is noteworthy that the mystical symbol is vested in this case and the window itself, so as soon as the dead carried out of the house through it. Since then, a window of superstition is considered a transition from this - earth - life in another world.
Gone is the superstition of the fact that by coincidencecircumstances after being hit in the poultry house, someone in the house there was a trouble that it was connected with the death of a loved one. The event is remembered. So rumors that from ancient times has survived in the form of people's will.

Objective reality

In fact, the birds often fly into the house,especially in the spring, when people start to ventilate their homes. Also, birds can get into the house through cracks and open doors, transoms raised. In winter the birds are fighting sometimes against the glass, because they want to get into the heat. Panicking because of this it is not necessary. After all, it has long been an indisputable fact that in themselves are neutral incident and the outcome depends on what gives them the status of a person.

Remember, thoughts materials, it is not necessary to think about the trouble, succumbed to the superstitious speculation.

If you are deeply superstitious, and to youHouse suddenly flew a bird, there are even so-called rites in order to neutralize the effects. In this case, you need to open wide one or more windows, the bird was able to safely fly, fowl do not need to drive, this is not correct. After the bird will leave your house, say three short spell "arrives for the food, not the soul." This will remove the negative sentiment in the house, death will bypass his party.

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