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WHY a bird that has flown into the house is considered a bad sign


Why a bird that has flown into the house is considered a bad sign</a>

People are superstitious by their nature. The desire to discern in some events or actions a secret meaning was inherent in mankind from time immemorial.

Fears, speculation and beliefs give birth to rumors, from which appear the belief.

One of these beliefs is the bird that flew into the house.

Significance of a sign

People are friendly towards birds on the street, butThey panic as soon as they strive to get into the house. Some residents even chase away the birds who sat on them on the windowsill. Why? It so happened that a bird that has flown into a house is considered an envoy of an unkind lead or even a harbinger of someone's death.

In ancient times it was believed that the swallow flying into the house bears an offspring, it was believed that the landlady would soon become pregnant.

In particular disgrace according to the signs fallPigeons and sparrows. They say that pigeons bring death to the house, and sparrows are so generally a symbol of curse. Where did this superstition come from and is it really so?

History of the sign

Even in ancient times the souls of the deadRepresented in the image of birds flying up to the sky. Therefore, birds that fly into the house are sometimes associated with people with the souls of their departed relatives or friends. It is worth noting that in this case the window itself is given the mystical symbol, since before the dead were carried out of the hut through it. Since then, a window in superstition is considered a transition from this - earthly - life to a different world.
This superstition has gone from the fact that by confluenceCircumstances after falling into the house of a bird, someone in the hut had an unpleasantness, which was connected with the death of a loved one. The case was remembered. So there were rumors, which from antiquity have already come in the form of people's signs.

Objective reality

In fact, birds often fly into houses,Especially in the spring, when people begin to ventilate their homes. Also birds can get into the house through cracks and open doors, raised transoms. In winter, birds sometimes fight against glass, because they want to get into the heat. It's not necessary to panic because of this. After all, it has long been undeniable that the events themselves are neutral, and their outcome depends only on the status that the person gives them.

Remember: the thoughts of materials, do not think about trouble, succumbing to superstitious speculation.

If you are a deeply superstitious person, and to you in theHouse suddenly flew a bird, then there are even so-called rituals in order to neutralize the consequences. In this case, it is necessary to open one or several windows wide enough so that the bird can fly safely, it is not necessary to drive the feathered one, it is not correct. After the bird leaves your house, say three times a short spell: "Fly for food, not for the soul." This removes the negative background in the house, death bypasses him.

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