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Why ficus leaves turn yellow and fall off

Why ficus leaves turn yellow and fall off

Flower growers who grow rubber plants, sometimes faced with such a problem as the yellowing and defoliation from their pets.

Before resuscitation plants, should find out the cause of this phenomenon.

Natural causes

The leaves of ficus may fall off in the autumn and winter - is a natural process, the number of leaves is usually 10-20% of the total green mass. A healthy plant fall only the lower leaves.

Change the usual conditions

Ficus leaves begin to drop due to sudden temperature changes, reducing the light transfer from a warm room to a cooler.

Since rubber plants do not like the changes, it is desirable to immediately choose a specific place and will not disturb the plant for it.

Temperature and lighting

To prevent the disease figs, they are notIt should be put on the marble floors and window sills and cold, since the roots of these plants painfully react to the cold. In the winter, make sure to it that your pet is not in contact with the window glass.

The best temperature for the Ficus benjamina -it 18-25oS, warmer conditions required for the variegated species. At too high a temperature of the plant begins to suffer, he leaves begin to wither.

Since ficus loves the light, do not keep itin a shaded place, but direct sunlight the plant can not be put. It is best for your green friend will suit a bright spacious room with no drafts.

Wrong watering

Turn yellow and fall off the leaves from the fig can be due to improper watering. Excessive moisture in the plant roots begin to rot, leading to the first of his disease, and then death.

If your plant has suffered from waterlogging,let the soil dry for one and a half to two weeks. During this time, the state of ficus should be normalized. If he did not feel better, you need to transplant a flower in the other soil Eliminate the rotten roots and placing the roots in a container with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Pests and diseases

The leaves are falling from the figs are due to fungalDiseases and pests - mites, thrips, scale insects, aphids and mealybugs. Carefully inspect your green friend, if you find it on the web, and insect damage to themselves, to urgently treat the plant with special preparations.

Lack of iron

Young leaves often begin to turn yellow due to lack of iron in the soil. In such cases, the plants should be fed ferrovitom or iron chelate.

Feed the ficus should be in a period of growth, that is, from March to September. The day before the plant should be watered procedures to fertilizer is not burned root system.

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