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WHY falls disk read speed ssd with ntfs file system

Almighty memory

Invented many ways to store information, but hard drives are the most popular of all.

In older models implemented a mechanical method of recording data, and the principle of the new flash memory.

However, the new technology, with tangible advantages, there are disadvantages.

The user wants the computer so that it canstore a lot of movies, music, books, business information. It should be available as quickly as possible for the person who wants to receive it. For this purpose various options are being developed constantly drives. The mechanical model of reading speed is relatively low, averaging about 50-60 megabytes per second read / write. In today's flash memory devices, it has increased to hundreds of megabytes. Still remains an insurmountable one big disadvantage.

How do the hard drives

If you've never seen a conventional mechanicalhard drive inside, you probably know what's inside a classic turntable. There swivel base, where the plate is placed. Then, on a lead and set the needle ... the music plays! In the mechanical hard drive similar structure and operation. There is a "plate", is "the needle." Only the information is recorded and read instead of music. Over time, the surface of the wafer may be damaged, which will affect the speed. And before that, no visible performance hit you will not notice it.

SSD drives are faster, do not emit noise, consume less energy, but still inferior to mechanical in life.

Quite a different story from the disk on the basis offlash memory or ssd. If you are ever dismantled a normal USB flash drive, you have seen inside the chip. Such electronic boards, only more spacious, located inside a modern drive. On their information is recorded and then read. The speed with many times more. However, the weak point sdd is a limited number of write cycles. The memory cells are gradually wear out, electronics have to look for other places to write, and it takes time. Modern flash drives about 100,000 write cycles, while the latest models wear period tens years. Still, the user gradually began to notice the performance drop.
It is unfortunate but true - in flash memory with all its pros cons is quite large. But eventually, perhaps, people around the world to pass exactly the way of storing information.


An alternative storage method can use a hybrid variant of the hard disk. It contains both the mechanical component, and flash memory.

If you are not satisfied with any mechanical or fully electronic, try an intermediate option - a middle ground.

Mechanics used to directstoring all the useful information, and is responsible for the flash electronic filling (data bus, controller, etc.). In this case it is possible to obtain a significant increase in productivity compared to conventional mechanical devices.

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