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WHY the believing Christian needs baptism


Why does a believing Christian need baptism?</a>

Many people position themselves as Christians, butWhile not being honored in their lives of the sacraments of holy baptism. This belief by popular consciousness is determined by "faith in the heart", which does not need church "ritual".

Such thinking does not correspond to the worldview of an Orthodox person, because believing in God means trusting Him.

Therefore, trust and faith must be manifested in the fulfillment of the commandments of God.

The Holy Scripture of the New Testament clearly statesAbout the need for holy baptism. The Gospel of Matthew ends with the words of the Lord that the apostles teach all nations by baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. In other places of the Gospels Christ speaks of the necessity of birth from water and spirit, which is an indication of the New Testament baptism. It turns out that the sacrament of holy baptism was not established by man, but by Lord Jesus Christ himself.

If a person is a believer, then he must show it in concrete deeds, position himself as a Christian not only in his "heart", but also in society.

The sacrament of holy baptism is spiritualThe birth of the human person. About this rebirth for eternal life and spoke the Lord in a conversation with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John. In baptism a person is adopted by God, becomes a direct member of the Christian Church. This is a prerequisite for the attainment of eternal life (paradise), provided that after baptism a person will strive for God. The Lord saves not only each person individually, but the whole of his Church. Therefore, depending on what the person has to do with the Orthodox Church and the moment of salvation.

According to Orthodox doctrine in the sacrament of baptismAn adult is forgiven of all sins. Life begins with a clean slate. The newly baptized is given the opportunity to leave the former sinful life and begin the renewal of his being. In the baptism of infants who are sinless, one can trace the washing away of original sin, which is absolutely in all people coming to this world.

It is in the sacrament of holy baptism per personThe divine grace that makes the newly baptized saints condescends. Striving for holiness is the main goal and meaning of earthly life for an Orthodox person. Of course, during a lifetime a person loses the grace received in baptism. However, the Lord does not leave believers in Him. Having become a member of the Church of Christ (having received baptism), a person can already proceed to other saving church ordinances, for example, confession and communion.

In addition, in the sacrament of baptism, a holy heavenly patron and guardian angel are given to man.

It turns out that in the sacrament of baptism is seenThe fulfillment of the covenant of God Himself. A truly believing Orthodox person must take this sacrament before entering the Church of Christ. Baptism is not accepted for earthly material benefits, but for a future eternal life. In the sacrament of baptism, a person combines with Christ, rejects the devil, manifests his will for good, renouncing evil.

Holy baptism is the first essentialA step of a man to His Savior Jesus Christ. Throughout the rest of his life, a believing person should strive to improve himself more and, if necessary, cleanse his soul from sins by approaching his Creator and Savior through it.

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