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WHY faithful Christian should be baptized

What faithful Christian should be baptized

Many people have positioned themselves as Christians, butIt is not honored in his life the holy sacrament of baptism. This belief is the national consciousness is determined by "faith in the heart", which did not need a church "rituals".

Such thinking does not match the worldview of an Orthodox person, because to believe in God means to trust Him.

Therefore, trust and faith must be manifested in the performance of the commandments of God.

The Scriptures of the New Testament clearly statesthe need of baptism. Matthew ends with the words of the Lord that the Apostles teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Elsewhere in the Gospels Christ says about the necessity of birth by water and the Spirit, which is an indication of the New Testament baptism. It turns out that the sacrament of baptism is not established by man but by the Lord Jesus Christ.

If a person is a believer, then it should be is in the specific cases, to position himself as a Christian, not only in the "my heart", but also in society.

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism is a spiritualthe birth of the human person. This rebirth to eternal life, and the Lord said in his conversation with Nicodemus in the Gospel of John. In baptism a person is adopted (adopt) to God, becoming a direct member of the Christian Church. This is a prerequisite to achieve eternal life (Paradise) under the condition that after baptism man will seek God. Lord saves not only to each individual, but also his entire Church. Therefore, depending on what has man to the Orthodox Church, and there is the moment of salvation.

According to Orthodox doctrine in the sacrament of baptismadult all sins are forgiven. Life begins with a clean slate. Novokreschenov granted the opportunity to leave the former life of sin and begin updating its existence. The baptism of infants, who are without sin, washing away traces of original sin, which is absolutely all people who come into this world.

It is in the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on humandivine grace descends, sodelovayuschaya newly baptized saints. The desire for holiness is the main purpose and the meaning of life on earth for an Orthodox person. Of course, during the life of a man loses the grace received in Baptism. However, the Lord does not abandon those who believe in Him. Having become a member of the Church of Christ (being baptized), a person can already start saving and to other church sacraments such as confession and communion.

In addition, in the sacrament of baptism a person is given the holy patron saint and guardian angel.

It turns out that in the sacrament of baptism is seenfulfillment of the covenant of God Himself. Indeed Orthodox believer before entering the Church of Christ must accept this ordinance. Baptism is received not for the sake of earthly wealth, but for the future of eternal life. In the sacrament of baptism a person goes to Christ, he rejected the devil shows his will to do good, renouncing evil.

Holy Baptism is the first essentialmove the person to their Savior Jesus Christ. Throughout later life the believer must strive to ensure that more and more refined and, if necessary, to clean his soul from sin, approaching it through to his Creator and Savior.

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