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Why do cucumbers fade?


Why do cucumbers fade?</a>

Cultivation of cucumbers is not an easy task, thisA rather capricious culture requires attention and good care. Inexperienced summer residents often face various difficulties, when cucumbers wither and die.

How to grow cucumbers in order to save the harvest?

How to grow cucumbers correctly

Particularly offensive, if only yesterday, the whipCucumbers looked fine, quickly fed into growth, they were massively formed fruits, and the next day cucumbers as boiled, their leaves lifelessly hung, and the ovaries fall away.

Most often the reason that green cucumbers wither- in the wrong microclimate: at excessively high temperatures cucumber seedlings not only wilt, but also lose the ability to pollination. After the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse requires the right choice of variety and more careful care, Than it is required

Sorts of cucumbers for

Open ground.

In other cases, this can be due to numerous diseases caused by bacteria, viruses and other infections, almost like people.

Cucumber diseases

The most dangerous and common diseases of cucumbers are:

  • Downy mildew-
  • Olive spotting-
  • Mosaic plain-
  • Cladosporium.

In most cases, cucumber diseases cause fungal parasites, so you need to carefully monitor the first signs of the disease, remove the affected leaves, fruits, well-ventilated greenhouses.

Helps spraying with potassium permanganate with a solution of chalk or special antifungal drugs sold in stores.

Cucumber pests

In other cases, cucumber seedlings may wilt whenDamage caused by pests that suck out the juices from the leaves or bite rootlets. These pests are also many, but the most common of them are:

  • Hothouse whitefly-
  • Aphid melon.

You can fight them with infusions of garlic, onions or chemical preparations.

If you find signs of illness in time andImmediately begin active treatment, there is a chance that most of the crop can be saved, you should pay special attention to the choice of cucumber variety for greenhouses - packages usually indicate the resistance of plants to diseases and pests, it is necessary to study this data.

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