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Why fade cucumbers

Why fade cucumbers

Growing cucumbers - not an easy task, thisrather capricious culture requires attention and good care. Inexperienced gardeners often face different challenges when cucumber wither and die.

How to grow cucumbers to save the harvest?

How to grow cucumbers correctly

Particularly disappointing is becoming, if yesterday whipcucumbers looked great, were served quickly in height, they were formed in large fruits, and the next day as boiled cucumbers, their leaves hanging limp and fall off the ovary.

The most common reason that green cucumber wilt- In the wrong microclimate: with excessively high temperatures, the seedlings of cucumbers not only wither, but also loses its ability to pollinate. After all, the cultivation of cucumbers in the greenhouse requires the right choice of varieties and more care, than required

cucumber varieties for

open ground.

In other cases, it may be because of the many diseases are caused by bacteria, viruses and other infections, much like people.

Diseases of cucumber

The most dangerous and common cucumber diseases are:

  • Downy Rosatom
  • olive pyatnistost-
  • mosaic obyknovennaya-
  • kladosporioz.

In most cases, the disease of cucumber caused by the fungus, parasites, so you need to carefully monitor the first signs of the disease, remove infected leaves, fruits, well ventilated greenhouses.

It helps spraying potassium permanganate solution to chalk or special antifungal drugs are sold in stores.

Pests cucumbers

In other cases, the cucumber seedlings may wilt unders defeat pests that suck the juices from the leaves or gnaw the roots. These pests are also many, but the most common ones include:

  • greenhouse belokrylka-
  • melon aphid.

To deal with them you can tincture of garlic, onions or chemicals.

If you have time to notice any signs of the disease andimmediately begin active treatment, there is a chance that a large part of the harvest will be saved, you should pay special attention to the selection of varieties of cucumber greenhouses - a packet usually indicates the resistance of plants to diseases and pests, be sure to examine the data.

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