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WHY Lymph nodes in the child are enlarged?


Why are lymph nodes in the child enlarged?</a>

Lymph nodes are the most important organs of the immune system.

They are the first to meet on their way almost all foreign agents and try not to allow their penetration into the human body.



It is only natural that lymph nodes react sensitivelyOn many internal and external aggressive factors. Moreover, the increase in these organs is the most logical response to such an impact. Lymph nodes are located in small groups throughout the human body, but in healthy people they can be felt in no more than 3 groups in the form of small soft balls (cervical, axillary, inguinal).


The increase in the size of the lymph nodes (as a rule,Cervical) is often found in childhood. The causes can be very different: numerous infectious diseases, allergic reaction, metabolic disorders, adverse ecological conditions, blood diseases, parasites, quality and nature of nutrition and others. Children are more likely to suffer from various negative effects, since their immune system is only being formed and can not adequately respond to negative influences from outside.


The search for the causes of enlarged lymph nodes in a childBegin with a consultation of a pediatrician, as well as clinical analysis of urine and feces. In cases of incomprehensible or unusual local growth of lymph nodes, a thorough and detailed examination of the condition of the baby is necessary. Remember that enlarged lymph nodes are not an independent disease, in a separate symptom. Therefore, all the forces need to focus on identifying the underlying disease and its treatment.

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