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WHY flashing energy-saving lamp

Energy saving light bulbs are used throughout

To understand the causes of the flashing energy-saving light bulbs, it is necessary in the most general terms, to understand its structure.

This will eliminate the faults or defects that cause such unpleasant effect.

Energy saving light bulbs have become part of our everyday lifethanks to its unique properties. But many users are dissatisfied with the fact that their light constantly flashes, and it is not the most favorable impact on the health and comfort. Experts say that some of the reasons you can quickly eliminate flicker. But sometimes you want to replace the lamp for better.

Principle of unit of energy saving lamps

The main difference from conventional - in the absence of filamentfilament and the presence of a diode and a capacitor. Inside these tubes is a gas in which a potential difference due to the electrons glow. If the incandescent lamp when you turn off lights dimmer until complete disappearance of the manifestations of light, with energy-saving is not the case. It has three (rather than two as in conventional) operating conditions:
- Off (no power) -
- ON (energized) -
- Blinking (on the light bulb voltage is insufficient to its inclusion volume) -
The third phase of its work, the light sourceBuilt-in capacitor is required. It was he who accumulates the low current and after a certain period of time is charged. This leads to the outbreak of a discharge lamp and a capacitor. Further, the process begins anew.

Reasons flashing and Solutions

If the capacitor is supplied a small butYet the current means, the culprit is just flashing it. A common cause of small supply voltage to the energy-saving lamp is a feature of the switch device with backlit display. It works even if the switch is in the "off". This is where the current is leaked to the lamp condenser.
The easiest way to remedy the situation -screwed in the chandelier, along with energy-saving light bulbs one routine. Even low-power will be enough to power consumption increased: supplied by the backlight LED voltage will not be absorbed by the capacitor and the normal lamp. Thus, the energy-saving stops flickering.
If one lamp and an extra lampScrew nowhere you can go the other way: parallel to the solder cartridge 10-20 ohms resistor to excess voltage flowing through it. But this method is suitable not for everyone. Most people are more available other: buy a quality lamp, which is not blinking. These have.
For those who are well versed in electrical engineering, notIt is difficult to reconnect phase and zero on the instrument, as the second cause of flickering energy-saving light bulbs can be interrupted on the indicator switch is not phase and zero. Learn it, you can use the special screwdriver, which indicates the presence of voltage. There's an easier way out: a snack LED indicator. The switch is not illuminated, but also energy-saving light bulbs flashing stops.

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