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WHY Egypt canceled the visa fee for Russian citizens

Why Egypt canceled the visa fee for Russian citizens

Rest in the country of pyramids became cheaper.

In Egypt, entered into force new rules, according to which Russian tourists are exempt from paying the visa fee in the amount of $ 15.

The new rules entered into force on 11 June 2012 andwill operate until 31 August 2012. The head of the state organization to promote tourism in Egypt, Omar al-Izbi does not rule out that the term of these rules will be extended. The procedure for obtaining a visa has not changed. It is, as before, is put at the airport for 30 days and 15 days in the Sinai Peninsula. The new rules apply to Russian citizens traveling in organized groups, in other words - to those who have purchased a ticket to the tour operator.

Exemption from payment of foreign nationalsthe visa fee is aimed at facilitating the procedures for entry into Egypt and software to increase the number of tourists. The main competitors of the direction already taken steps to increase the tourist flow from Russia, it is time to take these steps and Egypt.

The tourism sector in Egypt is one of thethe main sources of income and more than 10% of GDP. The difficult political situation in Egypt in 2011, has significantly reduced the number of tourists: from 14.5 to 10 million. In this connection, and reduced receipts in the budget: more than $ 4 billion.

Today, one of the main objectives of the Egyptian authorities- Restore the confidence of foreign tourists and bring them back to the local resorts. Cancel the visa fee for Russians are not the only measure to tackle this problem. Tourists from several countries, such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Lebanon, India, Jordan, now have the opportunity to get an Egyptian visa on arrival in the country Vacation at the airport. Existing earlier rules for citizens of these countries require a visa in advance.

According to experts, the abolition of visa fees is unlikelyto lead to an increase in tourist flow from Russia. However, facilitation can help the Egyptian authorities to demonstrate their interest in Russian tourists.

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