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WHY at Easter, they say that Christ is risen?



For many centuries Easter has become not just a church celebration, but a world celebration, which is celebrated by almost every person who believes in God.

Every Easter we hear the phrase "Christ is Risen!" And "Truly Risen!", But we do not always know what they mean, which is very important.

The origins of this greeting

Greet a man on Easter day with the phrase"Christ has waxed up!" And responding - "Truly is risen!" Is inherent primarily to Christians. This custom has its roots deep in the centuries and has a great sense for believers. Also, during the exchange of these phrases, it is decided to kiss three times. These words can be spoken throughout the whole of the Bright Week, which follows Easter.
Origins this custom is due to Jesus Christ himself,Who lived and died for the sins of ordinary laymen. After the apostles of Christ learned of his resurrection, they told this to every person they saw, saying the coveted phrase "Christ is Risen!". Those who heard this phrase understood that Jesus is the son of God, and, confirming their words, answered "Truly is risen!".
Another version says that these phrasesAre used for blessing. For example, a layman can ask "Christ is waxed up!", And the priest answers "Truly is risen!", Which means - "God will bless." This option is not found in the people, so it is rarely used.

Easter greetings today

Today, Easter greetings acquired a littleAnother meaning, the younger generation began to be interested in religion. Every day, Christianity is gaining more followers. On Easter Sunday that person who comes from the church should first say "Christ is risen!", And the one who returns must answer "Truly is risen!". These greetings should always be spoken with joy, for the savior of all living things has risen, the son of the one who gave life and the possibility of existence.
But it is worth remembering that Christ never askedCelebrate his resurrection. The miracle that happened was only a confirmation of the fact that he really is the son of God and carries within him his divine essence. The Bible says that the celebration of Easter is only the result of a miracle, and does not call to celebrate it, but people are happy and love their teacher, therefore they pay him tribute after 2 millennia.
For many centuries, greetings have changed,Have changed their meaning, the Catholic and Orthodox churches celebrate Easter on different days. But in spite of this, every true believer truly rejoices at this bright holiday, which reminds that in the world there is a part of something divine and bright that once Christ was resurrected and showed to all that God exists.

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