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WHY dry leaves of tomatoes in a greenhouse

Why dry leaves of tomatoes in a greenhouse

With the onset of the summer season, gardeners are increasingly faced with the problem of how to dry and yellowing of the leaves of tomatoes in the greenhouse.

The most common causes of this phenomenon in these plants - fusarium wilt and phytophthora.

Why wilt in tomato leaves

One of the most common reasons whyTomato leaves wilt, Fusarium wilt is. The disease is particularly prevalent in the southern regions, regardless of the location of plants in greenhouses or greenhouses. In the northern areas also suffer from it mostly tomatoes, which are in the greenhouses.

The first signs of Fusarium - yellowing of the foliage,deformation of petioles, then - drying of the upper shoots, darkening of the fruit. To avoid fusarium wilt of tomatoes, it is necessary to properly care for the plants, for example:

- Time to spud tomato, the first earthing up should be carried out before the plant reaches a height of 15 santimetrov-

- Must be disinfected before planting soil with a solution of copper sulfate (100 grams of raw material per 10 liters of water) -

- Time to carry out the processing of fungicidal agents, etc...

Why dry leaves of tomatoes

Quite frequent - drying leavestomatoes, the cause of which - phytophthora. Phytophthora occur due to improper watering plants (parts) as well as temperature. The disease is dangerous in that it is in the shortest possible time can destroy the entire crop.

Fight Phytophthora difficult, but possibleprevent disease, for it is only necessary to carry out preventive maintenance: time to water the plants without flooding them handle special preparations by Phytophthora (best to use milk solutions and extracts of garlic), to carry out feeding, strengthening immunity of plants (well-proven yeast feeding: 20 grams of raw material per 10 liters of water), ash (three tablespoons of ash at each plant before watering).

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