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Why do the leaves of kalatei dry?


Why do the leaves of kalatei dry?</a>

Kalatea - an amazing plant with leaves of outlandish beauty, the figure of which can be compared to professional artistic painting.

Such a miracle of nature can not but delight. Alas, amateur gardeners often face the problem - the leaves of kalatei dry.

To help the plant, you need to know the causes of this trouble.

Dry air

Kalatea is a tropical plant, therefore,Loves moisture. Too dry air in the room can cause the drying of the leaves of the kalatei. Most often this happens in the winter when the steam heating is on. The way out is simple, and it consists in installing a humidifier, which is able to normalize the level of humidity in the room where the kalatea is growing. If, for some reason, it is impossible to install a humidifier, you can hang wet towels or napkins on the batteries, or place a container of water in the room. Evaporating, it moisturizes the air well.
Another way to create optimal for kalateiClimate - put the pot in which it grows, on a pallet with expanded clay or moss sphagnum and pour water into it. Do not forget to regularly spray the kalatej from the spray with warm filtered water.

If the leaves of kalatei dry up strongly, you canTry to save the plant, neatly covering it with a plastic bag and sprinkling the leaves directly under it. The package should not be removed for 4-5 days, cleaning for half an hour during the day, and then putting on again.


Cold or, on the contrary, a sunny window sill,TV or shelf above the TV, computer and other equipment - not the best place for kalatei. It does not tolerate bright sunlight, nor cold, nor dry warm air, rising from the included household appliances. Direct sunlight, draft, temperature below 16 ° C are fatal for kalatei. In these conditions, the tips of its leaves inevitably begin to dry, and if not to identify it in the right place, it will die.
Take care of the right location forKalatei. Provide it with distance from the window, where it does not get direct sunlight. Protect from drafts. The air in the room must be warm and humid enough. In a word, find the golden mean, and the kalathea will delight you with its healthy appearance and beautiful, as if painted, leaves.

Wrong soil

Kalatea needs a light soil. This is the key to her good fortune and successful growth. A properly formed soil for this plant consists of a mixture of ordinary earth and coniferous humus in a 2: 1 ratio, a small amount of coarse river sand or perlite, which gives the mixture lightness and good air permeability. So that the soil is sufficiently nutritious, you can add to it a handful of horse humus.

If the whole plant dries, get an earth clodFrom the pot and check the roots. Cut off the rotted parts and transplant the kalatea into another pot with the "right" soil. Treat the flower and the surface of the ground with "Epin".


Kalatea is very popular with spider mites. Do not wait for traces of the life of this pest to be visible (small spider web, twisted dry leaves, white or brown coating on them), conduct prevention. Once or twice a week, wipe the back surface of each leaf with a damp sponge or cotton pad moistened in warm boiled water. This simple procedure allows you to remove the spider mite from the leaves, without resorting to the help of poisons.

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