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WHY DOES cherry dry


Why the cherry dries</a>

The usual picture for many gardeners, when in the second half of summer cherries begin to dry up branches and literally in two or three days the tree loses a third or even half of its crown.

In most cases, the cause - moniliosis - fungus.

Moniliosis is a fungus that affects mainlyTrees in years with rainy summer and warm winter. The beloved trees of this fungus are stone fruits in the form of cherry, apricot and cherry, the latter is the fastest spreading monolysis. To save the trees, you need to cut all the affected branches in 5-10 centimeters from the fungus on a healthy part, after which sprinkle the whole tree with "Horus", and after a week, repeat the spraying, but with another preparation - "Fast". Usually, this treatment is sufficient to ensure that the tree does not die and in subsequent years yields.

It happens that the cherry suddenly in the middle of summerBegin to fall down abundantly leaves. Early leaf fall is a sign of coccomicosis (fungal disease). With this fungus, leaves and fruits are most often affected. First of all, small brown dots appear on the leaves, which grow into large spots, while the lower part of the leaves is covered with a white or pinkish coating, the tree rapidly loses its foliage. Fruits with this disease are deformed, do not ripen. The causative agent of this fungus hibernates in the fallen leaves. It is necessary to treat cherries only at the end of summer, after harvesting. First of all, it is required around the sick trees to collect all the fallen leaves and burn it, and sprinkle the soil with urea solution (400 grams of urea per 10 liters of water). In the spring it is very important not to miss the "green cone" (bud budding) and carry out treatment with 3% Bordeaux liquid, and immediately after flowering - 0.1% with Topsin-M solution or 1% Bordeaux liquid.

The most difficult case is unexpected drying out at onceOf the whole tree. The reason for this phenomenon is the rooting of the root neck. It is already impossible to save such trees, one can only prevent the appearance of this disease. Since the cause of the propping is the wrong tree planting, illiterate immolation or watering, then you just need to adjust the watering, do not cover the trees with too thick a layer of manure and try not to dig in the cuttings too deep when planting.

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