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Why cherry dries

The usual pattern for many gardeners, when in the second half of the summer at the cherry blossoms are beginning to dry up branches and just two or three days, the tree loses a third or even half of its crown.

In most cases, the reason - monilia - fungus.

Moniliosis - a fungus that infects mainlyTrees in years with rainy summers and warm winters. Oblyublennye trees of fungus - stone rock in the form of cherry, apricot and cherry on the top is monilia spreading fast. To save trees, it needs to trim all the affected branches of 5-10 inches from the fungus on the healthy part, then spray the entire tree "Horus", and after a week repeated spraying, but another drug - "soon". Usually, this treatment is sufficient for that tree is not killed in subsequent years gave the harvest.

It happens that suddenly a cherry in the middle of summerbegin to fall off the leaves abundantly. Early leaf fall - a sign of cherry leaf spot (a fungal disease). When this fungus most often affects the leaves and fruits. First and foremost on the leaves appear small brown dots that grow in large patches, the lower part of the leaves is covered with white or pink bloom, the tree loses its leaves rapidly. The fruit is deformed in this disease, not ripen. Winters pathogen of fungus in fallen leaves. Are treating cherries must be only in the late summer, after the harvest. First, you sick trees around to collect all the fallen leaves and burn it, the soil is sprayed with a solution of urea (400 g of urea per 10 liters of water). In the spring it is very important not to miss the "green cone" (budding) and carry out the processing 3% Bordeaux liquid, and immediately after flowering - 0.1% solution topsina-M or 1% Bordeaux fluid.

The worst case - the sudden drying up of oncewhole tree. The reason for this phenomenon - podprevanie root collar. Save the trees are no longer possible, we can only prevent the occurrence of this disease. Since the cause is wrong podprevaniya planting a tree, or illiterate zamultivirovanie watering, you need only adjust the watering, not obkladyvat trees too thick layer of manure and try not to dig when planting cuttings too deep.

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