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WHY dries dracaena


Dracaena - a pretty plant that is very similar to a dwarf palm tree.

It blends harmoniously into the interior, bringing him comfort and charm.

Its immense popularity can be explained by more unpretentious care, but sometimes the owners have to deal with some problems.

Often, dracaena dry and yellow leaves. If nothing is done, the tree will die soon. The reasons for this phenomenon may be a few. Take active steps to resolve the issue you need after clarification.

The species of dracaena

If dracaena dry leaves, and the plant itselfdoes not look very attractive, you will need to determine its species. It is possible that this is a very whimsical variety of plants, and the conditions of detention he was not satisfied. In this case, you should change this type to another, or to provide the required grade of detention conditions.

Lack of humidity

The most common reason that dries dracaena,It is the lack of air moisture. Thus, the humidity level should be at least 55%. Typically, in apartments it does not exceed 30%. The only solution in this case will compensate for the difference from the regular spray plants. You should also wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. It is important to remember that in winter dracaena particularly affected by dry air. For this reason, it is recommended to place the battery far from a small container of water. This measure will increase the humidity.


If dracaena dries and does not look verypresentable, it is possible that the plant is suffering from pests. In this case, you should buy in a flower shop special tools that will help get rid of them. It is important not to overdo them, as the plant may die from an overabundance of chemicals, it is necessary to strictly observe the dosage.

Excessive watering

Dracaena can dry due to excessiveglaze. This happens due to the fact that the roots begin to rot in the pot, disrupted their work. As a result, they can not provide the above-ground portion of moisture, as a consequence of what is happening and drying plants. That is why it is important to carry out regular watering, then dracaena will delight your view.

Lack of nutrients

Often dracaena dry, since it lacksnutrients. In this case, you must replace the soil, saturate it with fertilizers. Furthermore, it should be watered from time to time it means that contain substances necessary dracaena. Special fertilizer can be purchased at a flower shop. Watering them it is recommended in August, as during this period the plant needs nutrients.

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