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Why dream about grapes

Why dream about grapes

Guessing on dreams - a long-standing entertainment girls. Even in Russia it was believed that dreams are prophetic, and are iconic, that is, those in which has seen certain symbolic significance.

The first interpreters of dreams appeared in Byzantium, they were entire treatises on the meaning of a dream.

Tradition give meaning to dreams has remained to this day.

Grapes in the culture - a sign of community, berries,collected in the bunch of grapes, not infrequently became a metaphor for the family or clan, his wealth, overall well-being. In the dream, the grape - it is almost always a favorable sign that says that may soon change your life for the better.

In Christianity, the grapes - a symbol of the divine, in one of the messages said: "I am the vine, you - my shoots," referring to the followers of Christ, his disciples.

Good signs

Vines, maturing in the sun, for women - a sign heralding the imminent improvement in personal life, possible marriage and motherhood, and for men - success in business finance.
If you dream you see a lot of grapes hanging inclusters on the vine, it will soon increase your social status. Dreams of the vine are always a sign of improvement in cases of material, the more grapes on the vine, so much the better: you will find a fast career growth. Flowering vine foretells good health, healing the sick in the future.
Grapes, presented to you in a dream, foretellspleasant acquaintance. There are grapes in a dream - to the early start of a romantic relationship. If you had a overgrown weeds and leaves the vineyard, it is to justify the promise of dreams.
A good sign is eating grapes, cutor crush it. All this means a quick fulfillment of desires, good luck, but if you have eaten sour grapes - this is, by contrast, promises loss, problems at work and at home.


If you had a vineyard running,a dried or completely without berries - it warns you about the possible deception, disappointment soon. It is also a bad sign is to give the grapes someone to treat. Pluck the leaves - to the deterioration of friendships your fault.

Being in a dream among wild grapes, confused in its thickets, beat off the lashes, then - to deal with the lie awake, to be in error, expect betrayal.

The value is and what looked like dreamedgrapes. For example, red - a symbol of ill health, green warns against improper acts that soon you can also go sideways. Black grape is a sign that you appreciate the work and bosses said you valuable employee to the material well-being and dreams and purple grapes. White berries - the implementation of the secret aspirations, and that's fine to dream a little trouble, ripe berries are large - to the joy of emergency. Rotten fruit in a dream - to the vain efforts of reality.

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