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What does the feces look like?


What does the feces look like?</a>

People have long thought about why this or that object can dream. Gradually there were a lot of dream books - books, where interpretations of this or that dream are given.

Those who are interested in the meaning of dreams, try to address them at every opportunity.

A dream in which feces were dreamed, hardly anyone would call pleasant. But this is actually a very good sign, which foreshadows the promotion of the career ladder and the improvement of well-being.

What can feces dream about?

According to experts, if a person dreams thatHe accidentally discovers feces, sleep can mean his weak character, dependence on someone else's opinion. From this character trait it is worth trying to get rid and learn how to make decisions on your own.
To see the feces in a dream, to sense their smell - such a dream can mean a characterization of relations with others.

If the source of the smell is not visible and according to the rules of sleep it is necessary to find it, it can mean that strangers try to interfere with the life of someone who is dreaming, with unpleasant advice.

If in a dream a person does something with faeces, for example, tries to clean it, it symbolizes his dependence on other people who may appear in this dream.

What should I do if I dream about feces

You can view the dream books - Miller, Vangi,Nostradamus or others to try to find out what sleep means. Such sources may contain different interpretations about what the feces dreamed of (shit). But there are several common points.
If in a dream a person notices that he stepped inExcrement, or soiled clothes in them, this is a sure sign that in real life a salary increase is expected. But attempts to wipe the excrement from your body can mean an embarrassing situation, in which a person will soon fall into reality. Any unpleasant secret may open up. If the dream is about a disease where urine or feces can not be contained, we must prepare for the impending losses.

An awful excrement of animals most often foretells profit. But to touch them means that soon it becomes known about rumors, the purpose of which is to discredit the one who had a dream.

If you dreamed of stool in a very largeThe number that are, for example, on the floor, such a dream should be seen as promotion, future wealth, money. At a dream in which the toilet appears, the same meaning. But if you fall in a dream in a village lavatory from the category of "convenience in the yard", drown in feces, this is a sign of future troubles.
In reality, after such a dream, one should tryFollow the words spoken aloud and not commit rash acts. To try not to go bankrupt, not to calculate later the losses, it is better to completely abandon the dubious transactions, rash purchases, where you intend to invest a lot of financial resources.

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