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Why dream of feces

Why dream of feces

People for a long time thought about why you may dream of this or that subject. Gradually, a host of dream-books - books which are interpretations of a dream.

Those who are interested in the value of dreams, try to access them at every opportunity.

A dream in which dreamed feces, hardly anyone would call pleasant. But it's actually a very good sign that heralds the career advancement and improvement of well-being.

What can dream of feces

According to experts, if a person dreams thatHe accidentally discovers feces, sleep may mean his infirmity, dependence on other people's opinions. From this character trait is to try to get rid of and learn to make their own decisions.
See feces in a dream, to feel their smell - a dream can mean characteristic of relationships with others.

If the source of the smell is not visible and according to the rules of sleep you need to find, it could mean - in the life of someone who has a dream, trying to interfere with unpleasant strangers advice.

If in a dream a person does something with feces, for example, is trying to clean up, it symbolizes its dependence on other people that may appear in this dream.

What if I have dreams about feces

You can view the downers - Miller, Vanga,Nostradamus or other, to try to find out what is a dream. Such sources may include different interpretations regarding of what dreamed faeces (shit). But there are a few general points.
If in a dream a person notices that come instool or soiled clothes in them, it is a sure sign that in real life is expected to increase the salary. But the attempt to wipe the excrement from your body can mean an awkward position, in which a man soon gets into reality. It can open any unpleasant secret. If the same dream - about the disease where it is impossible to hold back urine or feces, it is necessary to prepare for the impending loss.

Dreamed animal feces portend profit the most. But to touch it means that soon we will know about the rumors that aim to discredit the one who had a dream.

If you dreamed of in a very large bowel movementquantities that are, for example, on the floor, the dream should be treated as a promotion, the future wealth, money. In a dream, in which it appears the toilet, the same meaning. But if you fall in a dream in a village latrine from the category "outhouse" sink into the feces, it is a sign of trouble to come.
In reality, after this dream should tryfollow the spoken word and not make rash actions. To try not to fail, not counting losses after better completely abandon the dubious deals, rash purchases, which is supposed to invest so little funding.

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