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Why dream of bats flew into the house


Bats has long been associated with the evil spirit.

If such an animal flew into the house, then itit was considered a bad omen. Even those who do not believe in omens, volatile create most often associated with vampires and caused too good impression.

In the dream, an unusual mouse may portend a variety of events.

That portends a dream

The image of a bat in his sleep often interpretedas an enemy or envious. In the dream can dream, it flew into the animal to your house and showed clear aggression, this means that the unpleasant situation can occur in the near future with you, which will arrange your detractors.
Try to remember your feelings at the sight ofunexpected guest. If you have experienced the fear, the enemy will be stronger than you, and to confront it will be very difficult. If the mouse does not have bothered, and you boldly began to expel her from her home, the machinations of the offenders will not give you unnecessary trouble.

The old dream books associated image bat with evil force that feeds on the souls of children. With frequent nocturnal visits of these animals be sure to visit the church and repent of their sins.

If your house flew into a few bats,it should be interpreted as the news of the upcoming troubles. The more animals you can see, the event will be sad. Hundreds of bats circling on your apartment, portend problems in communicating with others. You should by all means to establish relationships with those with whom you have sworn someone hurt or underestimated.

The interpretation of the nuances

The most dangerous is the situation going to bed, when atvisit your home bat swiftly sent to your side and attack the head. Tangled in her hair portends serious animal disease, misery and even death. Misfortune can happen not only with you but with someone of your close friends or relatives.
The image of a bat in his sleep should be regarded as a warning. You may have to answer for their bad deeds, or fate punish someone from your immediate environment.

Believe all the predictions are not worth it. His excitement you can only bring misery. Bats can be a reflection of your state of mind, peace of aggression, anger or envy.

If a bat hovering silently in yourapartment, and you quietly watching her, that sign could be a harbinger of the imminent move. The reasons for this event will be, most likely, not very pleasant. This situation also portends receive sad news.
Pay attention to the time of day that youvisited by bats. If it happened at night, the trouble will overtake you unawares. If this happened during the day or in bright sunlight, the machinations of the enemies you will expose them before taking action. Be wary of new acquaintances and do not talk about their problems to strangers or suspicious people. Your weaknesses can use against you.

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