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WHY Dr. House is lame

Why is Dr. House is lame

The series is about a selfish, hard, but the magnificent Dr. House won the hearts of the plurality of viewers.

The series consists of eight seasons, but the mystery is revealed limping House in the first.


21 In the first season of the series Head ClinicDr. Cuddy forces House to deliver a lecture to students to replace sick teachers. The same day the House meets in the clinic of his beloved, with whom he broke up five years ago. Lecture House in his characteristic manner starts guessing riddles students. He tells them three different stories, in which patients came to the clinic with pain in his leg. At the end of the series it is that one of the stories took place in Greg's life.
He was admitted to the hospital with severe pain in the rightthigh, but his doctor, who at the time was the boss Greg - Lisa Cuddy, too late diagnosed. The leg muscle suffered a heart attack, after which it was necessary to amputate the leg to the hip. House is not allowed to do that, he believed, would be able to cope, and to be disabled in the chair he did not want.
Because of the unbearable pain House asked to enter it inpharmacological coma. When the House is not able itself to make decisions for him it did favorite Stacy, who agreed to the fact that the House's cut out a large portion of the affected muscles. All hoped for a successful outcome of the event, but it turned out not so rosy. The operation was not so successful.
House now always lame, and will never footceases to hurt. Dr. constantly drink painkillers, from whom he was dependent. A lovely woman has left because of the changes in his character. Eternal companion Greg gets his cane, which he had with awe and love chooses every time in your favorite store. In the series, appearing canes with the image of fire, with a skull instead of a pen and others.

Development history

House justifies the pain many of their actions, andalso addicted to "Vikkodinu". In one series of consecutive seasons tells you more about this story, and in season 7 House even tried to cure a new medicine, because of which the site of the old wounds appear tumors. House is afraid to admit defeat, he is trying to cut the tumor itself, but in the end almost faints, managing to get through to Lisa Cuddy.
In the series, there are many things related toHouse's disease and its possible recovery. After one of the operations, which should lead to the restoration of leg function, House ceases to feel pain and several series of consecutive riding a skateboard than happy and at the same time alarming, not only employees, but also the chief doctor of the clinic. Because of addiction to painkillers House and gets in a mental hospital, and in one of the seasons in the jail.

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