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Why dogs do not like cats

Why dogs do not like cats

"Living like a cat with a dog" - well-known expression.

So they say about people who constantly quarrel with or without.

The thought of hatred of cats and dogs so common that people often do not even think why.

According to science ...

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Historically cats have never been prey dogs. Therefore it is impossible to draw parallels with the cat and mouse. Nevertheless, for some reason, from time immemorial, these animals can not possibly make friends.
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Scientists have several versions of this bill. They are mostly built on the difference in the "languages", characters, behaviors of these animals. It is noticeable differences even in the obvious: a cat wags its tail when angry, and the dog - when rejoices.
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And cats and dogs are by nature hunters. But the hunt very differently. Dogs are hardy and accustomed to drive their prey, running long distances. Cats also are not able to move so quickly and quite hardy, but are able to quietly sneak up to the victim. Therefore, cats do not have a specific smell, and the smell of dog dog is expressed.
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Another version of the scientists - is geneticspecies competition. It is possible that the ancestors of the cats were saber-toothed tigers, who were able to offend the ancestors of domestic dogs. Scientists believe that the current dislike of dogs to cats caused laid at the genetic level to avenge their enemies descendants.
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Another argument - cats and dogs just do notWe are accustomed to each other. Not all, but most people are clearly divided into "dog lover" and "cat owner". Those few who decide to have a cat, and a dog, are often puzzled - why they are considered enemies? After the kitten and puppy from early childhood living side by side, almost always become best friends. But the fact that these animals are used to each other. And the dog, which is not used to the cat, there is an overwhelming desire to chase these noisy furry lump, while the cat is frightened attack starts to defend himself and escape.
In addition, the cat is important own territory. That is why cats often mark the places that are considered property. Any other animal invasion, including dogs, this place is perceived as a signal to take action. The dog responds to any attack. Since the speed and power of a dog most wins in the cat, for the latter is in most cases ends in failure.

... And according to rumors

Of course, for many years dog feud and cats has acquired many legends and superstitions. Perhaps the most beautiful legend - about the poor man and the magical ring.
A very poor man did not work -there was no harvest in the river fish is not caught, all dropped from the hands. But once he found in the woods conventional ring - and life after that was adjusted. The cat thought that this ring - magic, and it is thanks to him, things went uphill.
Cat blabbed about this rich man whoHe came to the house and took the ring from the poor. Wanting to help the owner of a cat and a dog stole a ring from the rich man. But on the way home, the dog fell asleep. Cat returned to the ring master, saying she produced it herself, and the rich man blabbed about the ring the dog. Then the owner of the dog drove into the yard and began to feed on scraps and leave the cat in the house and fed out of the bowl. Such betrayal dog cat is not easy.

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