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Why does Russia need the Caucasus


Caucasus is the natural border of Russia. High mountains for centuries protected the country from the armed expansion of Iran and Turkey.

In these mountains also were stopped Arabs, carrying fire and sword green banner of the Prophet.

About the slogan "Stop feeding the Caucasus"

Caucasus geographical region called the SouthRussia, mostly mountainous. This area is home to around a hundred small nations, some of which are with each other in a state of armed conflict glow. Conquest of the Caucasus Russia lasted for several centuries, and began with a base Cossacks Tsar Ivan the Terrible military fortress in the tract of Mozdok. Conquering the mountain people was very bloody, and some of them are still struggling for their independence.

Caucasus clearly separates Europe from Asia, so it is a place of a clash of civilizations, today there are facing Christian and Muslim worlds.

In Dagestan and Kabardino-Balkaria is actuallyguerrilla war. The population of the Caucasus is very militant, and Caucasians are often satisfied with skirmishes with the local Russian population. In this regard, recently become a popular slogan of the national democrats "Stop feeding the Caucasus". Opposition forces offered to let Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan from Russia, leaving only the loyal Russian peoples. However, this proposal has caused outrage not only from those in power, but also of the inhabitants of the Caucasus, who considered it irresponsible and even silly.

If you separate the Caucasus

Nevertheless, the Caucasus is a subsidized regionwith a high level of corruption, which receives a large amount of budget money. Calls to his office are mainly from the Russian population of the middle band. Like, enough to pay tribute to Kadyrov, it's time to learn to live independently.
There are several counterarguments againstseparation of the Caucasus. First of all, we have a precedent when, after the Khasavyurt agreements, Chechnya was de facto independent for five years. Over the years, the self-proclaimed Republic of Ichkeria into a bandit enclave, where the thriving drug trade, practiced kidnapping and even slavery. Also, the republic has become a hotbed of extremist forms of Islam.

After the defeat of Ichkeria gangs and approval of the legal authorities of Chechnya gradually evolved into the most developed region of the North Caucasus.

Therefore, experts say that the liberationCaucasus could seriously radicalize the region and even turn it into a springboard for a Wahhabi offensive forces. Not to mention the fact that the natural southern boundary of the Caucasus Mountains will be broken.

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