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Why does not the TV remote

Why does not the TV remote

The advent of television remotes to simplify life.

However, every time this useful trick stops working, mood deteriorates significantly.

There are several possible causes of failure of the device.

Simply replace the batteries

If the remote controller transmits the signal through timeperiodically turned off and generally behaves very unstable, probably it just drained batteries. Enough to change them, and this useful tool will begin to function normally again. If you changed the batteries recently, still perform this procedure. Sometimes come across defective batteries that hold a charge very long.

Another cause of unstability of (or fullbreakage) remote control - the failure of the transmitter on the remote control or infrared signal sensor on the TV. Most breaks remote transmitter, not the TV receiving sensor. To test the functionality of the remote control, enough to walk to any store equipment or to visit friends who have the same model of TV. If the remote is not viable, it is possible to give it in for repair or buy a new one.

In nine out of ten cases, the matter is in the remote

Sometimes the problems are explained in the remotepromises change frequency, as a result of control is showing signs of life, flashing lights, but the TV it does not react. Moreover, the remote can control other appliances (unless, of course, it refers to the universal). In such a situation, it may seem that there was a failure in the TV rather than the remote device. This is unlikely, since the panels fail a lot (hundreds of times) more often than just televisions. So that control the appearance of these symptoms should be given to an experienced professional who will be able to diagnose the causes of failure and eliminate it.

Sometimes television can just stoprespond to the control, and the indicator lamp may respond by pressing a button, but no action occurs. In this case, you can turn off and turn on the television, if it does not help, update the TV software to the latest versions.

On any modern smartphone can be setapplication that turns a smart phone into a TV remote control, music center and other equipment. Usually I have some time to tinker with the settings, but in the end you can get a remote that is always with you and that you can finally call.

In most cases, remote repair is more expensive purchase of a new universal or specialized.

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