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Why does not the phone home

Why does not the phone home

We decided to call from your home phone, and in the tubing - the silence?

Do not rush to call the wizard and spend the extra money.

Often, the problem can be solved simply and easily enough.

Checking the balance

One of the reasons for the refusal home phone canthe failure to be banal. Clarify the availability of debt or inform the payment service you can at the phone numbers listed in the accounts, as well as in your personal account on the site telephone operator. Please note that in case of disconnection for failure to pay phone reconnection after depositing funds can take about a day.
To avoid this situation Payphone bills no later than within 20 days of receipt of the receipt. Please note that if payment was made after the 28th of the month, then credited to your account, it will only be in the next. Do not forget that you can pay for your phone and to obtain a receipt, after the 7th day of the month in any branch of Sberbank. To do this, it will be enough just to name your phone number.

Faulty device

Perhaps the failure occurred directly on your phone. To test this, try to reconnect it, for example, neighbors, or connect to existing wires other apparatus.
If you - a radio telephone, it is also possible that the tube got the battery and should be replaced. The smaller tube keeps the "charging" is a base station, the less power is left.

Investigated in wires

Telephone cable (usually white and pink)It stretches from the general switch board in the apartment, there is connected to a small telephone socket and have it separate from the wire leads to the phone. Also, most modern phones are connected to the network. Check locations of all connections: socket 220V, a phone jack. Perhaps one of the connection points of the cable just dropped her "nest". If everything is in order, it is necessary to check the wire all the way from the telephone wall jack to the panel - perhaps it is torn or kinked. It happens often enough, especially if the cable is laid under the threshold of entry into the house, have children, pets in the apartment.
In this case, the gap is quite possible damageFix it: wires will need to clean up a little and twist the pairs to each other again, and then fasten with tape. Shock you is not hit, to the same polarity at the telephone wires is absent, and therefore can not be afraid to connect them properly.

Other possible malfunctions

Here are some of the most common complaints of subscribers and their possible solutions:
The crackling, rustling noise . This - "symptoms" of a telephone line fault. In this case, well worth checking all the wires, and in case of their integrity to contact the phone company.
line is bad . Most likely, the problem arose in the dynamicsapparatus. If the old phone, the speaker there is coal, and sometimes simply to knock the tube. If the phone is modern and the volume is set to "maximum", but still can not hear anything, you will have to turn to the master unit or replace a new one.
The phone does not respond when you press buttons . Maybe they just littered. Try to remove the cover and gently wipe the maximum push mechanism of alcohol.

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