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WHY a person faints


Why does a person faint</a>

Fainting is a short-term sudden loss of memory.

It occurs when the brain receives insufficient amounts of oxygen and blood.

The reasons for which a person can fall into an unconscious state are many.

Main symptoms

In the unconscious state, the skin of a person becomesDamp, cold and pale. There is a lot of dizziness and weakness. Also possible symptoms of syncope are: shallow breathing, weak frequent pulse, floating spots before the eyes, blurred vision, nausea.

These symptoms may appear at the time of fainting or precede this condition.

First aid

To avoid complications, if a person complainsOn a strong dizziness or has already sharply lost consciousness, it is necessary to undertake the following measures. First, make sure that the air in the required amount enters the respiratory tract. Be sure to check the pulse. Listen attentively to breathing. In the absence of breathing and pulse, immediately proceed to an indirect massage of the heart.
If the victim breathes evenly and hasThere is a normal pulse, while the airways are free, gently lay it. Raise your legs 20-30 cm from the floor surface, placing the available means (outer clothing, pillow, etc.) under them.
Examine the victim if he has a medallion on itOr bracelet, which indicates that he is suffering from any disease. It is she who can cause a faint. Unfasten pieces of clothing that can squeeze (collar, belt).
Attach a wet towel to the victim's forehead or moisten the face with cool water.
In case of nausea, turn the victim to the side.
If a person is unconscious for a few minutes, call for an emergency medical service immediately.

Note: With fainting, in no case should the victim be slapped on the cheeks. Also, do not let him smell ammonia or salt. Until a person finally comes to a normal state, do not let him drink and eat.

Causes of fainting

As a rule, a syncope is caused by a violationBlood supply to the brain. Causes may include: tobacco smoke, heat, stuffiness, severe pain, fasting, fatigue, prolonged state without movement, strong feelings of fear or joy, emotional upheavals.
Many causes of syncope requireMedical intervention, in particular: low blood sugar, decreased hemoglobin, the use of certain medications, seizures in epilepsy, heart rhythm disturbances.
If a person fainted for no apparent reason, medical care should be treated in the following cases:
- he is more than 40 years old-
- fainted and earlier-
- did not regain consciousness after 5 minutes.

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