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Why does a person faints

Why does a person faints

Fainting is a sudden short-term memory loss.

It occurs when the brain is not getting enough blood and oxygen.

The reasons for which a person may fall into a faint a lot.

The main symptoms

When swoon human skin becomesdamp, cold and pale. There is severe dizziness and weakness. It is also possible symptoms of syncope: shallow breathing, a weak rapid pulse, floating spots before the eyes, blurred vision, nausea.

These symptoms may occur at the time of syncope or precede this state.

First aid

To avoid complications, if a person complainson severe dizziness or have fainted dramatically, the following measures should be taken. First, make sure that the necessary quantity of air into the airways. Be sure to check for a pulse. Listen carefully to your breath. If not breathing, and heart rate immediately proceed to chest compressions.
If the victim is breathing evenly, and hethere is a normal pulse, while the airways are free, gently place it. Lift legs at 20-30 cm from the floor by placing them available means (garment, pillow, etc.).
Examine the victim, whether it medallionor bracelet, which indicates that he is suffering from any disease. That it may cause fainting. Undo piece of clothing that can compress (collar, belt).
Apply to the forehead of the victim wet towel or soak the face with cool water.
If nausea turn patient on side.
If the person is unconscious for several minutes and immediately call an ambulance.

Note: at swoon in any case can not slam the victim's cheeks. Also, do not let him smell ammonia or salt. While the person finally comes to a normal state do not let him eat and drink.

Causes of syncope

Typically, syncope caused by the violation ofblood supply to the brain. The reasons may serve as: tobacco smoke, the heat, the stuffiness, severe pain, starvation, overwork, prolonged state of no movement, strong feelings of fear or joy, emotional turmoil.
Many causes of syncope requiremedical intervention, such as: low blood sugar levels, decreased hemoglobin, use of certain drugs for epilepsy seizures, heart rhythm disturbances.
If a person has fainted for no apparent reasons, be treated in the following cases to health care:
- It more than 40 years-
- Fainted and ranshe-
- I never regained consciousness after 5 minutes.

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