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WHY the giraffe has a blue tongue


Why does a giraffe have a blue tongue</a>

Giraffes - the highest of the existing mammals of the planet.

These animals reach from 4 to 6 meters in height and have an unusually beautiful and unique color.

Even in one herd, you will not see two individuals with the same pattern or shade of wool.

Live giraffes both in the wilds of nature, soAnd in captivity. The period of life is from 25 to 28 years. The main habitat for them is the African savannah, some species, particularly the mesh giraffe, is found in Somalia and the woodlands of Kenya.
These animals are in many ways surprising, starting with their size and unusual structure, ending with details that not even everyone knows.

Not only the size, color and presence of smallHorns, covered with wool, makes giraffes special. The giraffe sleeps only while standing, when running, it speeds up to 50 km / h, and a newborn calf falls from a height of more than 2 meters.

Blue muscle

The giraffe has a long neck
For example, the language of a giraffe is unique: it is a huge and strong muscle, reaching up to 45 centimeters in length. Color language has an unusual - it is completely blue, sometimes purple.
The length of the giraffe's tongue for a long time causedBewilderment among researchers. The long neck of the animal allowed him to tear off the leaves of the acacia - a favorite delicacy in the savannah - even from the very top of the tree, so there was no need to reach for food with the tongue.
However, as it turned out, the language is excellentGrasping reflex, literally twisting into a spiral when food gets on the mucosa, it is able to bend around the huge protective spikes of plants and, tearing down, hold juicy leaves literally with the very tip.
The ability to manage your own language delicatelyOften saves the life of a giraffe in a drought, because the lower leaves and grass are actively eaten by stunted animals, ready to violently defend their right to survival. Giraffes get only those leaves that no one else can get.

Features of the structure

Such giraffe Marius

The color of giraffes does not repeat, it is akin to the imprints of human fingers.

The blue color is due to the unusual structureThe animal itself. Due to high growth, the giraffe's blood circulation system undergoes overloads, the heart of this mammal is incredibly strong and provides the body with a pressure almost three times higher than the human. The giraffe's blood is very dense at the same time, the density of blood cells is twice as high as that of a person, moreover, there is a special valve in the cervical vein that interrupts blood flow to maintain a stable pressure in the main artery. Thus, it can be concluded that the blood vessels in his tongue are denser and darker than usual, and instead of a reddish shade of mucous, a dark, almost purple one turns out.
It must be said that the giraffe's blood is also substantiallyDiffers in appearance from the usual. Because of the high content of red blood cells and active oxygen compounds in the blood, the blood is dark, almost maroon. That is why the specific color is not only the language, but also the internal organs of the giant.

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