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Why does a child really bad hair grows

Why does a child really bad hair grows

Every kid's hair grows at its own speed - someone fast enough, and someone very slowly.

All this is due to a large number of very different factors, paying attention to that, we can accelerate the growth of hairs.

About hair

The bulbs are placed in the hair scalpabout 6 months of fetal development. This explains the fact that some babies are born with a gun on his head. However, it is not necessary. There are several major reasons for why the crumbs do not grow or grow very slowly hairs. These include: nutrition, heredity, stress factors.


The hair is a kind of indicator,showing the internal state of the organism. Therefore, it is important to build as the diet of the child, the baby received as many vitamins and minerals can be, used a variety of products, but ate sballansirovanno. For a good condition of the hair and rapid growth is necessary to present in food calcium and vitamins A, B, C, D, E. Make sure that the child ate a lot of protein foods: meat, cheese, eggs and legumes. The fact that the hair is nearly 70 percent consist of proteins. Limit the crumbs from eating fast food and large amounts of sweets, replacing them with fresh fruit and vegetables.


Very strong hair growth rate is associated withhereditary factors. So if mom hair length varies by only 0.5-0.7 cm per month, then one can hardly expect that the daughter's hair will grow at a rate of more than 2 cm. Pay attention to what they were the parents hair when they were as young as their kid. If there is no strong differences - do not worry. However, if to 3 years in baby practically grown hairs, consult your doctor. Perhaps the reason lies in the presence of any disease.


The quiet relaxed atmosphere at homebeneficial effects on the health and mental status of all family members. Scientists have noticed that easily excited, nervous children's hair grow slower than their more relaxed peers. Therefore, if you notice that a child often becomes hysterical and nervous - refer to a neurologist. Perhaps the reason for slow hair growth lies in this.


There is a view that, in orderto accelerate the growth of hair and make them thicker, the child must be shaved bald. Scientists have long refuted this myth, t. To. He has no scientific justification. Indeed, as discussed above, bulbs are laid even in utero development. Therefore sostriganie all hair on the number of hair follicles can not affect. At the head of hair growth is also not reflected.
Be careful with the choice of shampoo for children. It should be as natural and free of synthetic additives, and pH level should be close to neutral.
Comb your hair before going to sleep the crumbs with a soft brush. This massage will increase circulation and beneficial for hair growth rate.

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