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Why do you need a red diploma

Why a red

Graduating school, each student receives a diploma - proof of education.

Recently, "diploma authority" in Russia has decreased and is not clear whether someone skilled with the "red" diploma is needed.


Diplomas are of two types: with a red cover and blue.

The tradition to give out honors "red" diplomaIt originates from the times of the USSR. It was in the Soviet Union began to encourage those who aspired to knowledge, giving them a distinctive diplomas with a red cover.

"Blue" certificate issued to each student whosuccessfully completed the training and passed all the subjects. "Red" is a diploma obtained only by those who do not have triples among their assessments. At the same time 75% of the total number allotted to "excellent." This means that the arithmetic mean estimates in the application should not be lower than 4.75 points.
The number of significant markers include evaluation of examination papers, foreign exchange, differentiated tests and final state certification. Common tests in the average score does not affect.


First of all, getting "red" diploma,and even officially before the public will undoubtedly increase the self-esteem of any person. How many people would not say that the "red brown" in the modern world nobody wants, the fact of the general acceptance of high intelligence can contribute to the further development of the personality.
"Red" diploma accurately help you if youYou know that it earned "his head," and this knowledge has for life will remain with you. The main thing is not to "red cover" confirms your ability, and the ability to confirm the presence of "honors" diploma.
Certainly, for you will rejoice closerelatives, and parents proud. Therefore, for the sake of family happiness, and you can try. Moreover, a successful learning rewarded monthly scholarship increased.

For employer

Increasingly, employers do not pay attentionthe presence of a diploma and the more the color. Working on the "red" diploma, do not forget about the future. With employment the first thing they ask you - this experience.
It is very difficult to study and work perfectlyfor the experience at the same time. Therefore, to such difficulties did not arise, and you managed to "catch two birds with one stone", lays the foundation for the "red" diploma with the first course. Then on the fourth and fifth you do not have to overstrain, to prove their right to receive the diploma "Excellent".

graduate school

The postgraduate training lasts up to three years. To enroll in a graduate student, you need to participate in the scientific life of the university to be ready at the end of the portfolio.

Diploma with a red cover is no doubtWe need for those who decided to devote his life to science. Future graduate student can not be successful without the "red" diploma. Especially if you are going to enter the prestigious educational institution.
The Admissions Committee carefully selects prospective students. Therefore, an extra five in such a situation can be decisive in the choice of candidates for the issue.

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