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Why do we need unique articles to sites

What are the unique articles to sites

The phrase "unique articles" familiarevery copywriter, webmaster and expert on promotion of sites. Unique texts are considered, one of a copy, is not published on other Internet resources.

So, why is unique given so much importance.

The value of unique articles for your site

The above article is unique, so your website bettera chance to get into the top renditions leading poiskovikovyh systems. It is important for the promotion of sites. Unique texts need to about you could learn as much internet users as possible. To a search engine you appreciated the need to he considered the original material on your pages by assigning the status of the source.

Unique articles that have been copied to place them on other sites, with a high probability may fall under the filters of search engines, and perhaps in a definitive ban.

Even if later your textcopied and posted on their Web sites other users in the index your site will still be much higher than those who copied your material. And there is another case: the "others" fall into the "black code" search engine for plagiarism, which results in the loss of a chance for the grant at the request of users of the Internet.
In addition, the important content of the sitequality articles, as today is the text - a means of promoting №1. Ultimately, the goal of attracting potential customers to your site - it is competent to demonstrate and offer your products or services. To do this more effectively than high quality written text, can not even advertising.

In addition, quality articles create a positive image of the company.

Unique articles can solve two major business objectives simultaneously:
- Promotion of services or goods-
- Promotion of the site through which they offer to customers.
Besides quality, a unique text,used to promote must meet other requirements. They should be informative, interesting, well-inscribed with the thematic links and (or) keyword. Still, the most important parameter for the articles is unique - that is, the novelty of the material from the point of view of search engines (the text has not previously been published on the Internet).

How to create unique articles for your site

Topics for writing articles can be veryvarious. The main thing - that the material was interesting to readers, as well as consistent with the general subject site, which is planned to make it available. The title should reflect the main idea of ​​the text. It is desirable that it was quite intriguing to users like to read the full article.
The text should be competent, structured,sustained in the same style. Articles for the site must be written in clear and simple language rather not be overloaded pretentious phrases and complicated turns.

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