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Most of the population of Russia is the owner of any property: holiday cottage, land or apartments.

It obliges the owner to know the status of elementary legal framework in which you can find answers to their questions.

Documents property

Take the simplest case - the purchase orsale of apartments or other real estate. Here you need to not only find a buyer, and determine the price of the transaction. The longest and troublesome process of waiting for the ordinary citizen in the collection of documents and certificates required for registration of the contract of sale. Of course, in our time, there are many real estate agencies that provide community services for pre documentary preparation of the property, but the most basic legal concepts need to know yourself.

One of the most important documents, without whichcan not be any sale or purchase of real estate, it is a cadastral passport. Without a well-formed cadastral passport does not happen, no commercial transaction, it is also necessary to obtain permission to redevelop the premises and for entry into inheritance.

What is the cadastral passport

The name "cadastral passport" was firstannounced in the Federal Law "On State Real Estate Cadastre" on March 1, 2008. Under this law would create a certain information resource, which should contain accurate information about absolutely all registered Russian real property whether it be residential apartments, plots of land, houses and buildings, unfinished construction projects, as well as their border. According to this law, the property owners to register their rights should definitely get the cadastral passport. This document is the official statement from the state register of data about a specific object properties for the registration of property rights, or of transactions.

Where to draw the cadastral passport

For cadastral passport ownerReal estate should contact the BIP - Design and Survey Board, located at the place of registration. If you currently need to have the owner of the passport and proof of ownership of the property. Attention is drawn to the fact that this document has a validity period. According to the decree of the Russian government, cadastral passport is valid for one calendar year, ie, if the transaction had not been made until 31 December of this year, the document will need to issue again the next year, if at the time of real estate transactions will be relevant.

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