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Why do we need a sound card

Sound card

Appointment of the sound card is revealed in its title.

It is designed to work with sound: the conversion of the digital-to-analog (play) and from analog to digital (record).

The concept of "sound card" today firmly entered intoall dictionaries and even used by people that do not have great knowledge in the computer field. Therefore it is necessary to clarify and make out in more detail the purpose of this small device.

Assigning a sound card

The presence of a sound card is a mustcondition for sound creation and its further playback connected to the computer speakers. One can cite the comparison of its functions with the video card functions, which creates an image and ensure its subsequent output to the monitor. Only in the case of the sound card to create objects will be sound. Among the huge variety of existing sound card, there are separate classes, which differ in some respects.

The first external sound card went on sale in 1986. It was easy on the device and allows you to play digital monaural sound.

Types of sound cards

The main difference that separates the card isused method of installation. In this setting, they are divided on the cards that plug into the motherboard itself, and on the map, perform their function as a standalone device.

The motherboard is a complex multi-layer printed circuit board. It is the foundation of building a personal computer.

The second type of cards are much more expensive, however, andthe quality of the sound played them much higher. For users who do not impose any special requirements for sound quality, it is quite suitable conventional embedded sound card that produces a reasonably good sound. Their use will relieve the user from the need to make detailed adjustments to the map and search for the appropriate drivers. This map, by and large, is another optional device, placed on the motherboard.
Sound the same professional-grade cards will bethe need for professional musicians and other music related to the world of people. These cards have many additional features and provide a setting to suit individual user preferences. In selling a set of cards, usually includes a remote control. Can they be completed and other useful options.
For the main mass of the population is finecheaper and less functional built-in sound card. Additional features will only costly burden, the possibility of which can hardly be assessed and put into practice.

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