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Why do I need 380-volt line

Why line 380

Basic equipment in the house working, eating fromlines with a voltage of 210-230 V. Accordingly, the input and often make one-phase power with 220 V. However, for heating or climate control equipment is used, which requires three-phase power supply of 380 V. In addition, when a large number of connected devices, it makes sense to divide the feed line to the several phases, to secure the entire system from overloading.

Where does the 380 volts

By air lines between settlements,cities and large enterprises are high-voltage line high-voltage. At this voltage power transmission is associated with fewer losses. Even with the work step-down transformers. At KTP, standing in settlements with residential houses, blocks of flats in blocks (in factories usually entire substation), a high voltage is converted to a voltage of 380 volts.
Everywhere are 4 wire, sometimes usedsystem of five wires. Three wires - separate phases. One wire - zero. The voltage between any of the individual phases of 380 volts. This is the line voltage. The tension between a single phase and neutral wire - 220 volts. This phase voltage. The phases are never connected, do not even touch, or will a short circuit.

Why use 380 volts

The apartment where the only television work,refrigerator, vacuum cleaner and occasionally, a small load, so you can do just two wires: phase and zero. If it is a house where there is a garage and workshop and a sauna and a swimming pool, where the mass of household appliances, ventilation or heating electric heaters being better start four wires and to provide line voltage of 380 volts.
This allows you to distribute the load over the phases. For example, a garage and a sauna "planted" on a single phase, the kitchen - on the other, all the rest - the third. Phase separation is done when installing the electrical panel. To supply power equipment, such as electric motor, welding machine, electric boiler, electric or splitsistemy, you will have 380 volts on the panel in the house.

How to connect a line of 380 volts

When connecting the house is calculated designpower consumption. The fact is that when you connect power supply company allocates a limited amount of power. For example, 3 to 220 kW and 3 kW 380 V, which are taken to the nearest support. Anything above, connected directly to the nearest transformer. The cables from the transformer to your home is usually laid at the expense of the customer, that is, you pay for.
If you need in-house and farm 380, youWe must reach the line or put the cable on the ground. Calculation of cross sections, design and gasket by specialized firms. You only pay for all the work. This means that you must carefully prepare a list of possible equipment requiring connection of 380 V. This minimizes your costs in the future.

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