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Why do we need a language

Why do we need a language

Why do people need a language? It would seem that the very posing of this question is absurd: Well, as you can do without language!

Nevertheless, try to abandon the emotions and answer this question calmly and reasonably.

What does the language, which benefits from it?



Language is essential as a means of communicationbetween people, as a way to coordinate their action efforts. In ancient times primitive people could still somehow do monosyllabic sounds and gestures through which attracted the attention of relatives and warned of the danger. But as soon as our ancestors began to engage in activities requiring the application of common efforts, coupled with a clear division of responsibilities, it became clear that the old way of communication is no longer sufficient. Offer - For individual words, then gradually began to appear. It was the beginning of the birth of language.


Language enables people to understand each other. In fact, how easy is it to guess what the other person wants, if he is silent? Using the language, you can make clear their wishes, to explain his views, position on a particular issue. And this applies to both communication in the family, among the closest people, and relations between states. Finally, with the help of language, we can say to your loved one about their feelings.


With the help of the language people share lessonsexperience and knowledge. Without language it is impossible to learn any business, trade, education. The language made it possible to record the accumulated information, experience of previous generations. Thus, based on this framework, people gradually improve their lives, to make discoveries that contribute to scientific and technical progress. Without it, the human race would have stood in its development at the level of the Stone Age.


Language gives you the opportunity to express their thoughts, to clothetheir beautiful, shaped. There would be no language - there would be poetry and prose masterpieces, forcing admire the many millions of people. Without language it is impossible to organize the people to unite, encourage them to some kind of collective action. There are a number of reasons for the necessity of language. But what is listed, it is enough to be convinced of its importance and value.

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