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Why do we have the Large Hadron Collider

Why do we have the Large Hadron Collider

What mankind needs the Large Hadron Collider?

You can go even further and ask why do we need microscopes, telescopes, why science?

Man has always aspired to knowledge, and that is what led to such progress.

But the fact is that almost everything that can be observed directly, openly and studied. Today, scientists need more sophisticated tools that extend the boundaries of knowledge.

And, it should be noted with this collider copes!

What is the purpose of the Large Hadron Collider

Roughly speaking, we can say that the Large HadronCollider, or LHC, is needed almost the same as that of the microscope. LHC - a device for «contemplate" and study the particles, they are very small, but it has tremendous energy. Since the object is rather unusual, and the tools for its study also does not apply to the usual arsenal of scientists.
Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, is arrangedin the following way. In its structure there is a long tube, particles are accelerated in it, and then get into the ring-shaped tunnel, where they occur the events planned by scientists (usually a collision). Various devices located in the device record changes occurring to particles and output observations.
The LHC is located very deep underground (ata depth of not less than 100 m), the entrance to the main part is in Switzerland, but the underground communications "climbed" and under the French territory. In its creation was attended by scientists and financiers from around the world.
One of the main goals of the LHC was the search for the HiggsBoson - the particle (perhaps more correctly, the mechanism), which allows other particles have mass. This task has already coped Collider. Also, using the LHC, scientists intend to seriously examine the quarks that make up hadrons (that is what influenced his name: Hadron Collider, not Hadron is often incorrectly said to the Russians).

The particles in the LHC accelerated to high speeds, then faced. Another way to measure the characteristics of such small particles do not exist.

In addition to the LHC, there are a few in the worldparticle accelerators. They say that the set, but just under a hundred. Even as part of the LHC accelerator, there is another smaller one. There are similar devices in Russia. The most outstanding feature of the LHC is its size: it is the largest of the existing particle accelerators in the world, so it can be used to explore the hadrons with extremely high energies.

Why is the media so much written about Collider

It is difficult to believe, but the first publication of theHazard wrote LHC scientists themselves, who wanted to Collider was built as soon as possible. Project funding was not enough, and the best way to raise funds in our time - is to create a sensation. After the media published information about the impending danger, the possible end of the world, as well as others, is not very reasonable, but strong statements, the project quickly gathered for the construction of the missing funds.

The probability of the formation of black holes or the appearance of antimatter as a result of the LHC exists, but it is so small that it is not seriously talk about it.

Many people do not understand why it wasspend so much money to create some strange hulk from which there is no immediate sense. Nevertheless, it is quite common for modern science. For example, it is a fusion reactor, whose construction cost is much more expensive in France in Cadarache research center. By the way, it, inter alia, funding and Russia. And certainly, the LHC is not the most dangerous scientific project. Suffice it to recall the experiments to test weapons that are regularly carried out by all countries.

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