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Why do some countries might boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi

Why do some countries might boycott the Olympic Games in Sochi

Olympic Games - is an important event in the life of any country, is no exception, and Russia, which held the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

But with all the positive of this event has not been without scandal, and therefore can be heard often enough that a number of countries are ready to boycott the 2014 Olympics.

European countries

After the adoption of the law on prohibition of propagandanon-traditional sexual relations a number of officials of the European countries, among which are Germany and Britain, said that such discrimination may cause a public outcry, as in today's reality, the recognition of gay movement is almost generally accepted fact. Until now, a boycott of the Olympic Games in Sochi, no civilized country does not put forward, and all the talk going on that those athletes who believe that this law somehow infringes their rights or orientation, may refuse to participate in the games. Among them is a fencer Imke Duplittser, which is representative of the movement, advocating relations between women and actively proposing to boycott the sports event in the camp infringes, in her view, the interests of sexual minorities.

Post-Soviet countries

No fewer discussions isthe opportunity to participate in the 2014 Winter Games Georgian athletes, as with the country from Russia severed all diplomatic relations after the recognition of the latter's independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. but if you take into account the fact that the Olympic Games have long been out of wars and political conflicts, it is likely that Georgia will send their athletes to the Olympics, especially as official statements of refusal to participate by the authorities have not yet received.

other countries

Also interesting is the question of whether a boycott is possibleOlympics in Sochi from the US, especially since the prerequisites for this occurred repeatedly. The very first of these was the conflict over the entry to the territory of the former employee of Russian special services Edward Snowden America. But as he left the territory of the Russian Federation, the issue of how the possibility of granting him political asylum harm Russia's relations with the United States, has lost relevance. There were no official statements about the possibility of refusal to participate in the Olympic Games in Sochi, the US authorities have been reported.

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