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Why do people sing at the table

Why do people sing at the table

Sometimes it seems that singing together at the table - a pastime for the older generation.

But not so rare very young people,get together, feel the need to sing something in unison. Drinking song - is not just a tribute to tradition, this is where some inner need arises.

Although few people participating in this action seriously wonder why, and why he does it.

The tradition of singing during the feasts there is a veryfor a long time in different nations. Provided such a genre even as drinking songs. However, now a drinking can become virtually any song that meets a number of conditions:
- It should be known to all, or the vast majority of sobravshihsya-
- It must be a clear and simple enough to perform a melody that does not require exceptional vocal.

We are together!

We know that working together brings people together, makes communication easier and more enjoyable. And what you can do during a party?
Of course, first of all, a tasty meal. But here everyone passionate about the contents of their plates and their own feelings. Of course, we can discuss the merits of foods, make a compliment to the person who prepared them, yet one meal is not enough to ensure that the people who had gathered at the same table, there was a sense of community.
As a rule, after some time, the companyIt is broken down into smaller groups, and in which there is a dialogue. To avoid this, during a party held various fun contests and games that makes a recovery in the company, integrates presence, but, as a rule, these games require advance preparation.
And chanting - the most simple and easya way to unite the audience. Well, if there is someone able to provide even the most simple musical accompaniment on the guitar, accordion or other instrument. But even if this is not possible, it may not be a serious obstacle - a cappella singing is also a pleasure for people who had gathered at the table.

Solo Singing - singing without musical accompaniment.

And yet, as it "works"?

Why do people just sing and not recite, say, the verses in unison or drive joint dance (although it does happen)?
The fact is that during the joint singingthere is the most simple and, at the same time, one of the most effective psychological tweaks. During the singing of the people subject to the same rhythm of breathing, and psychologists have long known that the adjustment for breathing - one of the most simple and effective ways to get closer to the other, feeling his state of mind. Thus, even the mere breathing in rhythm already allows companies gathered at the same table, to feel part of something whole, imbued with the general mood.
But during the singing of even greater importance is notonly breathing, but also the sound produced by the vocal cords singing. It is known that the human body is susceptible to vibration, both external and what makes the man himself. Voice - one of the most simple and accessible tools to create a vibration.

It is on this principle, the vibration force of the impact is based mantras and prayers.

And, oddly enough, singing together in this sensenot so very different from the common prayer: the vocal cords of several people gathered together, both produce the same sounds. And thanks to that people feel "on the same wavelength." In this case, this expression can be understood literally, they do create sound waves in the same frequency at the same time, and subconsciously, body level, singing feel this resonance.
Thus, people who sing in chorus the song become closer to each other, it is easier to feel part of the spontaneously organized a small community, gathered at one table.

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