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Why do men like girls with red hair

Why men like women with red hair

At all times it was believed that the girl with bright red hair have a lively and temperamental character, exuberant life and passionate in bed.

Recently, these rumors are confirmed, researchers from Germany.

Oh, those red!

German scientists conducting numerous experiments andSurveys in the area of ​​sexual activity of women with different hair color, came to the conclusion that the red-haired ladies the most actively and openly behave in intimate affairs. Most often, they have a lot of boyfriends and partners.
Red color definitely like men! Even the heroine of the anime is very often awarded creators fiery red hair. According to the survey, half of boys attract red-haired girl, and that they would like to see it as a sexual partner.
Red color in humans is associated with the flame, withsunset with animals, for example, with a sly fox. High beauty with red hair, like an animal, dangerous and obstinate. Maybe she behaves like a hooligan, talking in a loud and clear voice, but in some areas it is too harsh and aggressive, but largely intelligent and fair. She admired, admired, imitated.

Red-haired girls always stand out in the crowd, and at times it was gorgeous hair create their personal and vivid image, which, of course, like men.

The amazing red woman?

Fire hair color gives possessorglamor, confidence. Because of its visibility, the woman is always in the spotlight. Due to the increased interest in red personas women often resorted to coloring hair this color, trying to be as noticeable.

Often you can see the stars of Hollywood, repainted in red color, for example, Milla Jovovich and Nicole Kidman by nature have a completely different hair color.

If you change the hair color varies female ratioto her, her attitude, in a sense, even the character. She becomes more confident, more active, which, of course, noticed all around. Also in the red girls men like their responsibility, initiative, enterprise. This applies to financial, professional and personal issues.
A woman with fiery hair never sits onplace, it is always in motion, laughing, smiling, others infect their positive and cheerful attitude. Red person - demanding and caring wife. They never leave a loved one will be around to help him, to assist in the affairs and business. However, it is necessary to communicate carefully, as if with fire - any inadvertently spoken word will lead to scandal and quarrel. Despite all the dialects of the envious and the Old Believers, red women have truly noble appearance. Red hair color associated with gold, copper, money, wealth, and rare man refuses to itself in such a treasure.

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