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Why do men grow long hair

Why do men grow long hair

In modern society can often find inadequate response to people escaping from the crowd.

It is interesting that women forgive much - there is little anyone surprised facial piercings, tattoos or bright colored hair.

But the man to screw down the attention, enough to grow long hair.

The history of long men's hairstyles

The first mention of men with long hair- Legends about the different tribes of Indians and Africans that are far from each other. In many tribes of men they had to grow their hair almost from childhood, cutting only after the defeat in the battle. Most men proudly wore tails or braids lengths on the belt, and her hair, cropped short shoulders were stigma.
In the Middle Ages men's long maneHe was considered a luxury item and pointed to the aristocrat. Because of unsanitary conditions allow long hair could not everyone, as it was required for the meticulous care that takes a lot of time - not all men agree to spend precious time on such nonsense. After styled wigs, hair cut short was taken as wearing a wig of long hair is extremely inconvenient. Despite the fact that the creative elite rebelled against the rules already, and short hair quickly became popular, the owners of the long head of hair is still respected and treated them with tolerance.
Until now deemed adopted growhair Christian priests. Accurately determine the roots of this tradition is difficult, but most researchers argue that in this way the clergy wished to be closer to Jesus Christ wearing the hair long enough.

Subcultures or a fad?

Today, meet the man on the street with an adultlong hair (especially the long arm) is quite difficult. Returns fashion luxuriant beards, vintage men's clothing, and long hair is left aside - is difficult to provide a solid businessman, head of a large company with a powerful slash or tail.
Such variations will undoubtedly occur, butNowadays long hair was a sign of the creative, sometimes a little bit crazy and vulnerable nature, does not want to live by the rules of society. It is not strange that this attribute of the resort, some youth subcultures.
It is worth remembering only the hippie movement,has arisen in the last century, but still popular. Hippies believed all people are equal, so the men could grow long hair. In addition, hippies believed that long hair to help them to be closer to nature and to receive more signals and positive energy of the cosmos.
Also known subculture, representativeswhich decided to wear long hair - it's goths, rockers and metallers. The first two are no special rules regarding hair and one chooses to your liking, but the metalworker would not be considered "hardcore" (hard) with no long mane, which can effectively swing during performances or simply dancing to your favorite song.
The fashion for long hair for men originated withancient times, then fade into the background, then appearing again. In the era of computer technology man let long hair, wanting to show their creative nature and extraordinary personality, escape from the daily routine.

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