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Why currant leaves turn red?

Why do leaves turn red currants?

Gardeners are often faced with the phenomenon somewhere in the end of June.

Leaves currants swell at the edges damaged leaves curl downward and become lumpy and red cherry.

So, to you in the garden bestowed krasnogallovaya currant aphid (krasnogallitsa).

Damages aphids mainly red and whitecurrants, black currants less. Insect colonies are located on the underside of young leaves and begin to feed heavily. Leves deformed and blush. There are swellings (galls), which can cover almost the entire list.Cherez short period of time, even in hot weather after a few days, the larvae have a new generation of creep away to other young leaves form a new colony.

Pest offers several generations on currants,then moved to the weeds, which multiplies until the end of the summer. Autumn aphids again returns to the currant bushes and "gives" another generation of females which deposit overwintering eggs.

Pest overwinters on young shoots at the base of the kidney cortex, in the cracks of the old bush branches. And in the spring, when the bloom young leaves, aphids again begin its life cycle.

How to protect their crops and get rid of aphids on the plants?

Spring spray currant bushes in the period of leafing. Use herbal extracts of chamomile drug, tobacco, citrus peels. After 10 days, repeat processing.

Weed the weeds around the bushes.

In severe cases treatment aphids use some insecticide, follow the instructions.

And most importantly - make friends with ladybirds. These little beauties love aphids. During the day they can destroy more than 200 species of pest.

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