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Why do I need to read

Why do I need to read

Today, many parents complain that their children do not like to read.

TV and computer absorb child leisure, leaving no chance to take the book off the shelf, let alone go to the library.

However, the adults themselves are increasingly forget about reading, because the necessary information can be found on the Internet, and entertain themselves - watching TV series.

Whether it is worth to read, go to the public library or replenish homepage - this is an important question everyone decides for himself.

Reading - that best teaching

It has long been proven that a systematic reading wellissued, classic books improves literacy. A child who constantly sees a correctly formatted text, automatically stores the spelling of words and the principle of drawing up proposals. In the future, it will not make annoying bugs in school dictation, not even thinking about orthograms.
In addition to literacy, reading books of various genresimproves and vocabulary. Some of the terms or expressions are not found in everyday speech, but sometimes the overall narrative context is enough to understand what they mean. New words and phrases fit perfectly in a speech read a person, making it an interesting storyteller. The ability to inspire people with his speech, the right to formulate an idea - it all comes from the reading of good books and clever.
It is important for the child to learn to focus onone subject. A fascinating story of the book is able to make the reader can not help to forget about everything, except for events in the fictional world. This ability to concentrate and the student will need, and an adult to sit for at least an interesting case.

The book - the best friend

As a rule, for the development of erudition better and easierread art books than the specialized encyclopedias and reference books. A simple set of facts not be remembered as the circumstances of a complex plot turn, where the reader is forced to solve a detective intrigue or worry about the hero got into trouble. That's how the human brain - in the first place there is delayed is that the person interested.
Reading develops the imagination and creative thinking. When watching a movie the audience will not have to imagine anything - he sees a picture, hear the voice and intonation characters. The reader is also necessary to imagine myself - and sometimes those things which he has in his life had never seen and could not imagine if it was not a vivid description of the book. The first ball of Natasha or ship, raising all the sails to avoid pirate attacks - unless it could be presented, if not artistic skill of the writer?
It should be noted that the benefits can be obtainedonly reading the really good, high-quality books - those that have passed the test of time and a lot of editions, those that have become classics in their genre. Then two people to meet and exchange the names of favorite books, will be able to understand that they have common interests, they rose by the same ideas.

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