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Why you need to read</a>

Today, many parents complain that their children do not like to read.

The TV and computer absorb the child's leisure, leaving no chance to take the book off the shelf or even go to the library.

However, adults themselves increasingly forget about reading, because the necessary information can be found on the Internet, and entertain yourself - watching the television series.

Whether it is worth reading at all, going to public libraries or replenishing home - this is an important issue everyone decides for himself.

Reading is the best teaching

It has long been proven that systematic reading is goodPublished, classic books increases literacy. A child who constantly sees the rightly written text before himself automatically remembers the spelling of words and the principle of composing sentences. In the future, he will not make annoying mistakes in the school dictation, without even thinking about the orthogram.
In addition to literacy, reading books of various genresImproves and vocabulary. Some terms or expressions do not occur in everyday speech, but there is sometimes enough common narrative context to understand what they mean. New words and expressions fit organically into the speech of the reader, making him an interesting storyteller. The ability to captivate people with their speech, correctly formulate the idea - it all comes with reading good and smart books.
It is important for the child to learn how to concentrate onOne thing. The fascinating plot of the book is able to force the reader to involuntarily forget about everything, except for the development of events in the fictional world. This ability for concentration will be needed both for the student and for the adult person in order to remain seated behind a less interesting matter.

The book is the best friend

As a rule, for the development of erudition is better and easierRead books of art than special encyclopedias and reference books. A simple set of facts is not as memorable as the circumstances of a complicated plot move, where the reader is forced to solve a detective intrigue or worry about a hero who has fallen into the binder. So the human brain is arranged - in the first place there is postponed what is interesting to the person.
Reading develops imagination and imaginative thinking. When watching a movie, the viewer does not need to imagine anything - he sees the picture, hears the voice and intonation of the characters. The reader needs to imagine himself - and sometimes something that he never saw in his life and could not imagine, if not for the living description in the book. The first ball of Natasha Rostova or a ship that raises all sails to avoid the attack of pirates - could this be imagined if it were not for the artistic skill of the writer?
It should be noted that the benefit can be obtainedOnly when reading really good, quality books - those that have passed the test of time and a lot of reissues, those that have become classics in their genre. Then two people, having met and exchanged the names of their favorite books, will be able to understand that they have common interests, that they grew up on the same ideas.

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