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Why do I need to be baptized

Why do I need to be baptized

Sign of the Cross - is one of the symbols of the human belief in God.

It is believed that people cross themselves and say the name of God, in order to attract the grace of God the Holy Spirit.

Why do people get baptized?

Sign of the Cross is a smallreligious rite. Anyone who shows it to yourself or other people overshadows them (such as their own child), attracts the grace of God the Holy Spirit. It is believed that the power of grace is given to the cross is not accidental.

Sign of the Cross - is not only a part of thereligious rite. It is also a great weapon of faith. Passionale gives various examples of evidence of real spiritual power, concentrated in the form of a cross.

The fact that Jesus Christ is his earthlydeath on the cross defeated Satan and his pride. Christ freed people from the bondage of sin. That Jesus blessed the cross as a victorious weapon, bestowing his earthly people as a weapon to fight the enemies. Crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross - is the greatest act of divine self-sacrifice for the salvation of mankind.

The strength of the sign of the cross for man

Anyone can be baptized, however, not everyoneIt does it right. Orthodox Christian should know that the sign of the cross is God's grace only when it make correctly and, most importantly, reverently.
Clerics say, if a person doesit's hit or miss, for example, randomly waving hands, it is considered that the "demons rejoice." To the demons are not jubilant, you must crossed themselves as intended, clasped his right hand as follows: the index, to close large and medium must be together and straight, and the ring and little finger - bend toward the palm.

Any Orthodox Christian who believes in God,shall be baptized in the beginning of the prayer, in prayer and in its end. In addition, the sign of the cross itself overshadow you need when approaching anything holy icons, the temple, etc.

The fact that the fingers of an Orthodox Christian,forming a true sign of the cross symbolize the expression of his faith in God the Father, in the Son of God and God the Holy Spirit in the indivisible and consubstantial Holy Trinity. Two fingers bend towards the palm - is an expression of the dual nature of the Son of God - the human and the divine.

You do not need to be baptized by compulsion, but by choice!

The clergy believe that the Lord anybodywhat I never forced. Therefore, crossed themselves or not - the free choice of the person. The only choice that should not be clouded by gestures and clumsy strokes, parodies the great rite! Correctly baptized - it is true to prove their faith in Christ. Only in this way a Christian can count on God's grace.

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