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Why Baptize</a>

The sign of the cross is one of the visible signs of a person's faith in God.

It is believed that people are baptized and pronounce the name of God in order to attract God's grace of the Holy Spirit.

Why are people baptized?

The cross is smallRitual. Anyone who portrays it to himself or overshadows other people (for example, his own child) attracts God's grace of the Holy Spirit. It is believed that the power of grace is given to the sign of the cross not by chance.

The sign of the cross is not only a partReligious rite. It is also a great weapon of faith. The life of the saints gives various examples of evidence of real spiritual power, concentrated in the image of the cross.

The fact is that Jesus Christ is his earthlyDeath on the cross defeated Satan and his pride. Christ freed men from the bondage of sin. It was Jesus who sanctified the cross as a victorious weapon, giving it to the earthly people as a weapon to fight against the enemies. The crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the cross is the act of the greatest divine self-sacrifice in the name of saving mankind.

The power of the sign of the cross for man

Any person can be baptized, but not everyoneDoes it right. An Orthodox Christian should know that the cross sign has God's grace only when it is performed correctly and, most importantly, reverently.
Clergymen say if a person doesThis is horrible, for example, randomly waving his arms, it is believed that this "demons rejoice." In order that the demons do not rejoice, it is necessary to overshadow themselves with the sign of the cross as it should be, folding the fingers of the right hand in such a way: the index, the big and the middle need to be joined together and exactly, and the anonymous and little finger - to bend to the palm of your hand.

Any Orthodox Christian who believes in God,It is obliged to be baptized at the beginning of prayer, during prayer and at its end. In addition, to overshadow the cross itself you need when approaching something sacred: icons, temple, etc.

The fact is that the fingers of an Orthodox Christian,Faithfully forming the sign of the cross, symbolize his expression of faith in God the Father, in God the Son and in the God of the Holy Spirit as in the indivisible and consubstantial Holy Trinity. Two fingers, bent to the palm, is an expression of the dual nature of the Son of God - human and divine.

To be baptized is not by coercion, but by one's will!

Priests believe that the Lord no oneTo which he never coerced. Therefore, to overshadow yourself with the sign of the cross or not is a free choice of a person. But this choice should not be overshadowed by inept gestures and waving, parodying a great sacred action! Correctly to be baptized is to truly prove your faith in Christ. Only in this case the Christian can count on the grace of God.

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