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Why do I need a mirror ball in a disco

Why do I need a mirror ball in a disco

A brilliant ball, let thousands of light reflections can be seen in most of the discos.

It was invented in the seventies of the twentieth century fans of musical direction called "Glam rock".

How did the mirror ball

all "space" was included in the same time fashionable. Shiny fabrics from which sewed clothes, slicked interiors reminiscent of spaceships, unusual hairstyles and accessories. Artists glam rock headed this fashion wave, their costumes are often adorned with hundreds of tiny glitter foil. During concerts spotlights such clothing reflects thousands of sparks, creating a stunning effect.

Clubs, which were similar concertsThey were also decorated in the style corresponding to a variety of toys mirror. The darkness of the hall, and unexpected flashes evoked in viewers the feeling that they are in space.

Over time, small toys SLRtransformed into a mirror diskoshary. They hung in the center of the room, directing the ball to the light gun with small coefficients ray scattering. Light at these guns focused using lenses. Sam spun the ball with a small electric motor, knocking on the walls of bright light glare. Taking into account the total space subjects, this effect caused association with the rotation of the galaxy.

Glam rock has had a direct impact on the formation of disco.

This invention quickly gained popularity amongpublic. Mirror balls adorned most of the clubs and discos in the shortest possible time. They are fully consistent with the era of the seventies - the futuristic, space, dreamy.

One of the founders of the glam-rock - British singer and musician David Bowie.

Romantic lighting

In the Soviet Union, many high school students dosuch balls and globes kaleidoscopes details. Now diskoshar can buy anywhere for a little money, of course, if there is a desire to re-create a unique light atmosphere of the seventies at home or in the club. No payload diskoshary not carry, they are inefficient as the primary light source. It's just a way to diversify the surrounding area and raise his mood and guests.

To buy diskoshar, first you need to decidewith the power of the light source or light gun, and then to choose the ball itself. For small spaces as the light source can be used halogen lamp. The diameter of the main spot light from the light source must be equal to the diameter of the mirror ball. This allows you to get the ideal amount of light glare. You can work on a coincidence diameters by changing the distance between the ball and the light gun. It should, however, be borne in mind that the source best placed almost right up to the ball. To create a more impressive effect can be placed in the hall a few mirror balls.

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