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Why do I need a lunar calendar when working in the garden

Why a lunar calendar when working in the garden

Lunar calendar is called, made taking into account changes of the lunar phases and rhythms (synodic month of the moon).

It specifies a table with favorable and unfavorable days for all sorts of agro-technical works.

Growing seedlings of vegetable and flower crops,care of fruit and ornamental trees and shrubs, as well as work related to the preparation of the soil to seasonal treatments, can all be found in this calendar.
In the lunar calendar, the days marked in accordance with the passage of the moon on the zodiac signs, suitable for fruitful work and vice versa.

What you need to know each ovoschevodu-gardener

To build a good crop, it is important to know:
- Auspicious days for planting seedlings and its direct
- Time for Plat
- The most effective time for fertilizing plants
- Schedule of agricultural activities
Influence of the Moon on the processes occurring on Earthquite obvious. This ebb and flow of the seas and oceans, the periodic oscillation of the sea level, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth. And as in nature, all processes are interconnected with each other, under the influence of Earth's satellite certain cyclic processes occur in living organisms.
The movement of juice inside the plant is partially dependentfrom atmospheric pressure. The lunar month lasts 29.5 days, which is shorter than the calendar, during this period the moon has 4 phases: growing novolunie- Luna polnolunie- waning moon. Waxing Moon gratefully affect the strong growth of above-ground parts of plants - it leaves, stems, flowers and fruits. Waning moon has an effect on the underground parts - roots, bulbs and tubers.

In times of new and full moon organisms are particularly vulnerable.

Influence of moon phases on plants.

During the rise of the moon life processesplant roots slowed. This is a beneficial time for the soil, loosening it and transplant plants. Trim and vaccinate at this time is not recommended so as not to injure the aboveground part of the trees, shrubs, climbing plants. During this period, you need to plant flowers, herbs, leafy vegetables and fruit plants, sowing lawn grass.
During the period of the waning moon in the underground partplant roots are activated processes of life, there is an intensive root formation. Active watering using bio-stimulants of growth is essential for the plants during this period. There comes the time for cutting, vaccinations, and cutting plants.
Planting root crops, potatoes, onions on a turnip,thinning dense seedlings and weed control - the main work during this period. You can engage in planting berry bushes, because a strong healthy root system determines a good harvest.

Days of full moon and new moon are considered unfavorable for any kind of work with plants.

On the day of the full moon in the first 2 days afterIt encouraged to collect berries and fruits. 1 day before the new moon, and 1 day after it are destroying garden pests, removal of wild shoots and diseased plants.

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