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Why do you need a kindergarten for your child?


Most often at the age of about three years, children are sent to the kindergarten. This is usually associated with the release of the mother to work and, accordingly, the inability to sit further at home with the child.

But some modern mothers do not have such a need, there is an opportunity to continue to deal with family and household.

In this case, the need for a garden at first sight disappears. But for some reason some mothers still give the kids to the kindergarten.

And, despite the ambiguous attitude of society towards this issue, such mothers are often right.

The thing is that the child is growing, developing,His needs are changing. If up to three years the main people in his life are parents, then in three years he begins to realize himself as a separate person. All things the child seeks to do on his own. Help is often at this age is perceived with hostility. Kindergarten just meets this need for separation from parents and the desire for independence.
In addition, a growing child more and moreNeeds role-playing games. And such games are best spent with peers. The child just needs comrades in the game. Within the walls of the house he becomes cramped. And many mothers notice this. If you can spend a lot of time on the playground with other children in the warm season, then in the winter there is no such opportunity. And then all the energy that has not found an outlet in the game, pours out on the parents. Most often, the parents of such a flow can not stand up and begin to try to calm the child, "pristrunit." The result is often the weakened nerves of mom and dad, resentment and frustration of the child.
But visiting a kindergarten removes a similar problem. The child spends all his irrepressible energy in active games with comrades in the kindergarten. If the mother is at home, then a short-term stay in the group will be an option.
Moreover, it is in the children's collective that the childLearns to communicate, find a common language with other children, quarrel or put up, convince someone or take someone else's point of view. The nature of the child undergoes changes or is even more tempered. The child in the kindergarten learns the joy of friendship and bitterness of resentment. All this is an integral part of becoming a child as a person. And parents should not deprive the child of these events without special reasons.

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