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Why do I get a black screen

Why do I get a black screen

PC users are often faced with the emergence of a black screen while you work.

It occurs for various reasons, such as having a problem with the equipment or problems within any application.



Make sure that the video card is properly insertedon the computer motherboard. Also check that is securely connected the monitor, check the connectors on the system unit and the device. If the problem lie in the video card or monitor is likely to turning on the computer, you will hear the familiar sounds of the boot, but the display image will be missing.


Install the latest drivers formonitor and video card. If they are not, you can watch the complete absence of images, as well as too blurred or dark picture. Also try to adjust the monitor image using the function keys located on the front panel. Perhaps lost their brightness and contrast settings, so that the image on the monitor is too dark.


If a dark screen appears at startupsome applications, such as computer games, maybe it does not fit your system requirements and freezes at startup. Try to press the Windows key or a combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del, to complete the program that caused the system to freeze, or click the Reset button on the system unit.


A black screen may also occur as a validfeature of the system operation in certain cases. For example, during the installation of the drivers for your video adapter, the screen may become black for a while. The reason for this is auto-tuning the system and install the appropriate video parameters. After a while, the monitor image reappears. Also, some computer games have no boot screen, so that after a few minutes the user can start to watch a black screen. Then, the image appears and starts immediately the game itself.

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