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Why dogs are howling at the full moon

Why do dogs howl at the full moon

Dog howling unlikely someone will seem uncommon, even in the city often have to hear the lingering sounds.

However, if you last long howl and the sky full moon shines, sound alarming, even skeptics.

Debunking the myth

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Experienced dog handlers strongly debunk myths aboutthe relationship of the dog howling and the full moon. It is believed that a great night light attracts the attention of intelligent pets as well as humans, and because dogs howl simply express their interest and nothing more.

Any explanation of howling at the moon in dogs - no more than a theory. The real evidence in favor of this or that argument, perhaps not.

People watching the wolves - straightfamily dogs - argue that wolves howl is used as a communication tool, but because it is so necessary to explain and a dog howling. By the way, the wolves only howl notify the birth of new members of the pack, a change of leader or his death, howling at the moon is considered to be a reaction to the change of lighting, as well as notification that you can hunt with its bright light (known fact that in the twilight or thick mist wolf does not go hunting).
Howling at the moon dog and expresses sorrow for the benefit ofthis view is the fact that "filled" in the full moon only stray dogs, and those who are experiencing separation from the host. It is enough to caress the dog, and it will cease to howl.


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However, the popular belief is also not to scratchborn. The observations of the animals, their behavior and the comparison thereof with the events occurring after becoming omens. For example, the people believed that if a dog howls down face down - is a dead man. And if on the contrary - up, it is a fire.
By the way, the howling "a corpse" is quite understandable withscientific point of view: the person before death varies body odor and the dog with his unique sense of smell is. This refers, of course, a natural death.
If the dog is not active during the day rolls onthe ground or, on the contrary, is still long, refuses food, and after dark go out and howling, most likely, she is preparing for his own death. There are some breeds that instinctively trying to leave their walls for a few days before his death, which is why smart owners of dogs gone almost never look for.

Animals - great indicators of environmental change. For example, before the earthquake pets start to behave unusually in an attempt to inform their owners of impending trouble.

It is not known how true these mystical explanations, test them very hard. However, as practice shows, and is believed to have the right to exist.

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