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WHY dogs howl at the full moon


Why dogs howl at full moon</a>

Doggy howling is unlikely to be seen by anyone as an unusual phenomenon, even in a city you often hear lingering sounds.

However, if the howl lasts a long time, and the full moon shines in the sky, the sound of even skeptics worries.

Debunking the myth

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Experienced cynologists in every possible way debunk the myths aboutThe relationship of canine wailing and full moon. It is believed that a large night star attracts the attention of intelligent four-legged as well as humans, and therefore dogs simply express their will and no more than howl.

Any of the explanations of howling on the moon in dogs is nothing more than a theory. There is probably no real evidence in favor of this or that argument.

People watching wolves are straightRelatives of dogs - argue that wolves howl are used as a means of communication, and that's why the dog howl needs to be explained. By the way, wolves only inform about the birth of a new member of the pack, the change of leader or his death, howling to the moon is considered a reaction to the change of lighting, and also to the notification that one can hunt in its bright light (it is known that in the twilight or dense Fog the wolf does not go hunting).
Howling on the moon, the dog expresses sadness, in favor ofThis opinion is evidenced by the fact that only the homeless dogs and those who are separated from the master are "poured" into the full moon. It is enough to caress the dog, and it will stop howling.


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However, the people's beliefs are also not from scratchborn. Observations of animals, their behavior and comparison of it with what happened after the events become signs. So, for example, in the people it is considered that if the dog howls, having lowered a muzzle downwards, it is to the deceased. And if on the contrary - up, then it's to the fire.
By the way, howling "on the deceased" is quite understandable withThe point of view of science: a person before death changes the smell of the body, and the dog with its unique sense of smell feels it. It is, of course, a natural death.
If the dog is inactive during the day,Land, or, on the contrary, for a long time lies motionless, refuses food, and with the onset of darkness leaves the house and howls, most likely, she is preparing for her own death. There are such breeds that instinctively try to leave their native walls a couple of days before their death, that's why clever masters almost never look for gone dogs.

Animals are terrific indicators of environmental change. For example, before an earthquake, pets start behaving unusually, trying to inform their masters about the impending disaster.

It is not known how truthful these mystical explanations are, it is very difficult to verify them. However, as practice shows, even beliefs have a right to exist.

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