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WHY do children have speech defects?


Why do children have speech defects?</a>

Modern children often suffer from differentSpeech defects: stuttering, indistinct diction, ingestion of individual sounds, difficulty in pronunciation of sounds and words. Sometimes this is due to physiology, for example, congenital articulatory changes in the speech apparatus.

But most often the problems and difficulties of pronunciation are associated with the development of the child, his psychological state.

Congenital pathologies can be corrected by contactingTo specialists. But if problems with speech are associated with the child's mental development and psychological state, then much depends on adults, their behavior and knowledge of the developmental features of their child.

Parents - formalists: exactingness breeds fear

One of the most common causesIncorrect speech development - too demanding and strict parents. The child is peculiar to be naughty, indulge, commit rash acts. This is his nature, which it is difficult for a toddler to "overcome". Having done something that Mam and Dad may not like, the prankster begins to worry, worry. Anxiety before the upcoming "disassembly" grows into fear. When the time comes for an explanation with relatives, the baby, worried and worried, begins to "choke" (a strained emotional state causes a rapid pulse, the lips begin to dry, the tongue starts to dry). Wrong breathing is the first sign and symptom of difficulty speaking. So there is a stammer.

Loving parents - the promoters of infantilism

Too much attention in some familiesIs given to the children. This can be caused by different reasons. A child can be a long-awaited first-born or, conversely, late in an aging parent. The son or daughter of overly loving parents become general favorites, spoiled and capricious. Their behavior resembles the behavior of young children, even if they are already 15 years old. Infantile children are whiny, their moods often change. They not only behave as small, but also talk as small. They are characterized by lisping and "childish" intonations.

Parents workaholic - conniving method of education

Many problems with speech in children would beAre warned if parents who live their work and everyday misfortunes often engage in their children. This applies not only to those who spend too much time at work, but generally all parents who do not (for various reasons) pay attention to their children.

Speech therapists say that many speech defects are easierPrevent than cure. It is enough to listen to the child, to be interested in his problems, worries, to find out the reasons for his fears. After all, the development of speech is directly related to the development of the child's personality, with his psychological state.

Talk with children

Children learn to speak, imitating adults. Therefore, you need to talk with them all the time, be able to listen, teach to listen to another. Talk with children not in a hurry, as if by the way. Talk slowly, affectionately, often calling different objects, calling the subject different synonyms. Proverbs and sayings, beautiful comparisons and metaphors are used in conversation with the child.

Do not get too hung up on the sounds thatTo the kid yet do not work out. Otherwise, you will make the child feel embarrassed and feel imperfect. Moreover, do not repeat "clumsy" words behind it. If the child (intentionally or not) pronounced the word incorrectly, repeat the word again, but it is already correct. Unconsciously, children imitate adults, and the baby will strive for correct pronunciation.

The main thing is to have patience on the way to master the child's correct speech.

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