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Why do children have speech defects

Why do children have speech defects

Today's children often suffer from differentspeech defects: stuttering, slurred diction, ingestion of certain sounds, difficult pronunciation of sounds and words. Sometimes it is associated with physiology, for example, congenital speech articulation apparatus changes.

But most of all the problems and difficulties of pronunciation related to the development of the child, his psychological state.

Congenital diseases can be corrected by contactingto experts. But if speech problems associated with mental and psychological integrity of the child, then there is much depends on adults, their knowledge of the behavior and development of your child.

Parents - formalists: demanding breeds fear

One of the most common causesimproper development of speech - is too demanding and strict parents. Child tend to be naughty, to indulge, to commit rash acts. That is its nature, that baby is hard "to overcome." Having made something that may not like mom and dad, monkey starts to worry, worry. Anxiety before the upcoming "dismantling" turns into fear. When it's time to explain the family, baby, worrying and worrying, he begins to "choke" (intense emotional state causes a rapid pulse, begin to dry lips, tongue). Improper breathing - the first sign and symptom of hindered speech. So there is stuttering.

Loving parents - pooschriteli infantilism

In some families, too much attentionIt is given to children of. This can be caused by different reasons. A child may be a long-awaited first-born, or, conversely, late in aging parents. The son or daughter have too loving parents become everyone's favorite, pampered and capricious. Their behavior resembles the behavior of young children, even if they are already 15 years old. Infantile children whining, their mood often changes. Not only do they behave like little but talk a little. They are characterized by baby talk and the "children" of intonation.

Parents workaholics - permissive method of education

Many people with speech problems in children would benote if the parents living with their work and life's adversities, often engaged in their children. This applies not only to those who are spending too much time at work, but in general all parents do not pay (for various reasons) attention to their children.

Speech therapists say that many of the defects of speech easierto prevent than to cure. Enough to listen to your child interested in his problems, concerns, to explain the reasons for his fears. After all, language development is directly linked with the development of baby's personality, his psychological state.

Talk with children

Children learn to talk by imitating adults. Therefore, you need all the time to talk to them, to be able to listen, to learn to listen to the other. Talk with children are not in a hurry, as if in passing. Talk slowly, gently, often referring to different objects, calling the subject of different synonyms. Use in a conversation with a child proverbs, beautiful similes and metaphors.

Do not get too hung up on the sounds thatthe baby is not good at. Otherwise you will make the child feel embarrassed and feel their imperfections. Especially not repeat after him, "sloppy" speech. If the child is (intentionally or not) pronounced the word incorrectly, repeat the word again, this time correctly. Unconsciously children imitate adults, and the baby will tend to correct pronunciation.

The main thing is to be patient on the way of mastering a child right speech.

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